How Argyle Transforms the Mortgage Lending Experience
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How Argyle Transforms the Mortgage Lending Experience

Verification of income and employment is one of the most taxing processes of originating a new mortgage—but, it doesn’t have to be that way.

When it comes to mortgage lending, standard income and employment verification processes ask borrowers to complete a number of manual, inconvenient tasks that increase friction and lower conversion. Over the course of the loan cycle, this includes requiring borrowers to:

  • Enter details related to their income and employment history. This can constitute dozens of fields, much of which they may have to recall from memory.

  • Locate and upload a backlog of W-2s and paystubs.

  • Confirm employment details and employer contact information plus correct any missing or inaccurate information.

  • Do it all again near closing.

Meanwhile, for the loan officers and processors involved, coordinating these steps and chasing down this information requires a lot of time and back-and-forth—all of which adds time and cost to the loan process. And if borrowers have gig, freelance, or inconsistent income streams, this process is even more difficult and time-consuming.

A better borrower lending experience is possible with Argyle

With Argyle, you can automate paystub and tax form retrievals, generate instant income and employment verifications, access unlimited fee-free reverifications throughout the loan cycle, and gain a holistic view of applicants’ creditworthiness. The result is a low-friction borrowing experience that eliminates manual touchpoints, accelerates loan cycles, reinforces compliance, and reduces costs.

But that’s not all. Argyle also makes possible next-generation digital experiences that will allow lenders to remain not just viable but vital in the years to come. The streaming, granular nature of the data we transfer enables you to build a personalized, end-to-end home-buying experience that takes your customers from pre-approval to refinancing with minimal (if any) interventions from your team.

Faster loan cycles for less money

As a consumer-permissioned gateway, Argyle is also leading a paradigm shift in the price of income and employment verifications. Not only do we offer dramatically less expensive initial VOI/E reports, we also enable lenders to avoid expensive reverifications. With Argyle, access to a borrower’s income and employment data is continuous, so lenders can generate additional reports at no extra cost.

In addition to direct savings, implementing Argyle also reduces operational costs for lenders via: 

  • Fewer instances of inaccurate or missing data

  • Fewer borrower touchpoints

  • Fewer manual reviews and interventions

Adding Argyle to your mortgage loan process

You can easily implement Argyle in one of three ways:

  • Via Argyle Console, our no-code, web-based software

  • By embedding Argyle directly into your system via our API

  • Through one of our third-party point-of-sale or loan origination system integrations

From there, we make it easy for borrowers to share their income and employment data with you, straight from the source.

Argyle reduces friction

You might think that asking borrowers to log in to their employment and payroll records creates friction. But the reality is, your current income and employment verification process already requires borrowers to log in to their employment or payroll portal. They have to every time you ask them to track down a paystub or W-2, and they have to leave your application to do it.

The advantage of Argyle is that they only have to log in once, and we ensure it’s a seamless part of their user experience. Once and seamless is always better.

The result? Faster, more affordable, more accurate verifications. Adding Argyle to your application flow offers an immediate improvement to your borrowers’ experience, your internal efficiencies, and your bottom line. 

Want to see Argyle in action? Create an Argyle account to access demos and sandbox tools. Or reach out to our team! We are happy to answer any questions you may have.