May 2024 Product Update
Shelby Bohannon

Shelby Bohannon


May 2024 Product Update

Welcome to another edition of Argyle’s product update: your source for the latest features and performance improvements that make Argyle the most trusted choice in income and employment data.

In this edition, we've focused on what Argyle does best: efficiency. To simplify team management for expansive organizations, we’ve introduced Argyle Groups. We’ve also added advanced document capture capabilities to boost your operational performance. These latest product updates are designed to further enhance your Argyle experience and support your capacity to scale.

Enhanced team management features

Introducing Argyle Groups

Scale verification efficiencies and cost savings across your business.

Does your organization have multiple entities, subsidiaries, or brands? Argyle customers who manage their verification process via Argyle Console can take advantage of all the benefits of Argyle Groups:

  • Stay organized with a centralized view of all verification orders across each group.

  • Manage permissions across your team, limiting what verifications each group can view based on what is relevant to them.

  • Notify group members about sent borrower invites and completed verifications.

If you’re interested, reach out to your Customer Success Manager to request access to Argyle Groups and learn more here.

Custom document capture for even greater operational efficiency

Leverage enhanced Doc Upload to convert all your customers

Doc Upload now lets you capture custom documents.

Designed to be a fallback or companion to payroll connections, Doc Upload is a seamless way to capture additional income and employment documents and convert up to 100% of your customers.

In addition to requesting standard documents like W-2s, 1099s, and paystubs, you can use Doc Upload to request custom document types. For example, request a driver's license for proof of identity or a utility bill for proof of address. This can be used as a fallback or requested in addition to a payroll connection.

Multiple document submissions are also supported, so you can collect all necessary documents upfront or request additional ones later if needed. What’s more, your customers can use our Photo Capture feature to conveniently snap a picture of a document without leaving your product experience. For a comprehensive list of recent Doc Upload enhancements, read more here.

And for those seeking even greater insight and control, we offer Optical Character Recognition (OCR) as an optional add-on to Doc Upload. With OCR, you can extract data directly from documents and leverage our Authenticity Score to safeguard against fraudulent documents.

Interested in learning more? Our team is on standby to assist you with setup. Reach out to [email protected] to get started.

Two features requested by our top operators

Automated reminders help you move customers through your funnel

Equip your team to expedite customer conversion.

In your Argyle Console settings, you can opt to set automated reminders to your customers if they don’t take action to connect. For consistency, these reminders are sent through the original invitation method (email, SMS, or both). In addition to turning the feature on and off, you can also configure how long after the initial invitation the reminders go out. Get started with automated reminders here.

Argyle verification receipts for cost management

Generate receipts for every report you run.

Once your customer has successfully connected one of their payroll accounts, your team will be able to generate a receipt within Argyle Console or, if you use it, through Encompass via our integration. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager to enable this feature.

Our data network is always expanding

Munis by Tyler Technologies, an enterprise resource planning provider serving school districts, local governments, and other public sector entities, has been added to Argyle's coverage, expanding our network by over 600 employers.

Argyle's coverage has also expanded by 200,000+ employees with recent enhancements to our Workday integration, which now supports a number of large hospital and healthcare networks. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager to learn more.

Where we’ll be next

nCino nSight 2024 [May 14-16, 2024]

We’re heading to Charlotte, NC, this week to join our peers discussing the latest trends, best practices, and innovations within financial services. Come meet our mortgage division GM, John Hardesty, if you’re around!

TMBA Annual Convention [May 19-21, 2024]

The Texas Mortgage Bankers Association is back for it’s 108th annual event, and we wouldn’t miss it! Drop us a line to let us know if you’ll be in Austin, too.

AFSA Independents Conference & Expo [May 20-23, 2024]

Two of our personal lending and banking division team members, Matthew Gomes and Kevin Kessler, will be at kiosk K-13. They’d love to catch up, answer any questions you may have, or discuss what’s upcoming from Argyle in the months ahead.

NAA Apartmentalize 2023 [June 19-21, 2024]

The National Apartment Association is going to Philadelphia, and we are, too! Argyle GM Justin Stolzenberg will be in attendance to share how our Income & Employment Verification solution can help the rental housing industry validate qualified tenants more efficiently and cost-effectively than ever before.

Until next quarter,