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Experience Built-In Optical Character Recognition from Argyle

Argyle opens access to third-party OCR processors to enhance verification workflows

With Argyle’s vast data network, it’s rare that one of your users can’t connect programmatically to their payroll account. But when that happens, our document upload feature has them (and everyone) covered—allowing users to instantly upload their paystubs, W2s, 1099s, and any other documentation they need without ever leaving your app.

Now, we’ve taken it one step further. We’re opening access to optical character recognition (OCR) processors to digitize documents directly through our platform—so you get the same, standardized Argyle data package regardless of the source.

What we’re solving

Typically, when a user uploads an income document, you either have to process that data manually or send it to a third-party OCR processor to convert it into machine-readable text. That makes it easier to review documents and auto-fill any related forms, but it means you’re juggling multiple vendors and API schemas just to get all of your data into the same, usable format.

With Argyle’s new OCR access, you can program just once against our API, and we handle the rest—neatly bundling and standardizing all of your income data into our API and saving your team the time and hassle.

How it works

Argyle’s OCR option can be used independently or as part of a larger income or employment verification flow. They function best as:

  • A fallback option when a user cannot connect to their payroll account or a credit bureau does not return the necessary user data

  • A UX upgrade for existing document upload processes

  • A method to consolidate all user data within Argyle’s platform

With Argyle, you can select which OCR processor you want to handle your data. And, if you already have a contract with an OCR processor, you can add the API keys to Argyle Console, and your linked traffic will be processed the same way it is now.

Why you’ll love it

As a platform for real-time, streaming income data, Argyle is committed to eliminating paper-based processes. But we know most businesses still have documents that need to be digitized. And, while our programmatic coverage is working its way to 100%, we’re not quite there yet. In the meantime, OCR is the best possible backup solution—and we’re making it simpler than ever.

With our new OCR capabilities, you’ll get the same, standardized data, whether it comes from a connected user account or an uploaded document—so your users always have a quick, easy way to provide you with income data, and you always have a quick, easy way to review it.

Want to learn more?

Jump into Argyle’s docs, and discover how to enable OCR capabilities through Argyle Console.

You can also reach out to an account executive to find out more about our OCR upgrade, get your questions answered, or establish your own relationship with an OCR processor.

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