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Mahdi Mohades-Kassai

Mahdi Mohades Kassai


Payroll Integrations Are Complex, Argyle’s Customer Success Team Makes It Easy

Implementation is just the first step when you work with Argyle, our team goes above and beyond to learn your key needs, and how to achieve them. 

A product is only as good as the customer success team that helps you put it to work. Never is this more true than in the SAAS industry. At Argyle, we are proud to not only offer an amazing product to unlock the power of payroll data, but have the team of Client Success Managers (CSMs) and Engineers that will ensure you make the most of your investment. 

How Argyle Cuts Through the Clutter 

Payroll data can be a mountain of information with valuable nuggets buried in the hills, but with the right guide, you don’t have to dig through every little detail and can instead set up an efficient operation that returns the data most valuable to you. Here’s a step by step guide for how we set clients up for success. 

Kick-off to understand the business, use case, mission, critical KPIs 

After getting everyone on your team excited about implementing Argyle and signing the contract, our CSMs and engineers step in to build a path to achieving those goals. First, we want to get to know your business, team, mission, and critical KPIs. We want to start supporting those goals as soon as possible after implementation and throughout our relationship.

Design and build a custom solution

As we’ve said before, payroll systems are complex and there are various considerations that your team will need to consider while building your custom solution. These vary by use case. For example, some platforms only support amount based pay distribution updates, and some platforms only support percentage based pay distribution updates. Our CS team will raise these considerations and help you and your team through the process with all our learnings and best-practices in mind.

In the design phase we will ideate, collaborate, and provide feedback on your user's onboarding experience to Argyle, identifying which of our 160+ data points will likely be most important for your use case. Then we will move into the actual build phrase, where we can walk your team through and provide detailed documentation and guides on the technical process of implementing Argyle.

Initial launch and support

Once we’re live in production we connect with your team to assess and review KPI’s, performance and service levels to ensure we’re on the right track for  long term success before wrapping up implementation. 

To ensure we are providing the right support for all our customers, our CSMs spend time with all relevant stakeholders during this phase to ensure we establish the appropriate communication channels, cadence, and required content to keep your team informed and empowered. 

Scale with continuous feedback

Our data access isn’t the only thing continuous at Argyle. We are here to ensure a long-lasting and fruitful relationship with every customer. Formed entirely around your business’s priorities and preferences, we work with you to establish the right communication channels and touch points to ensure Argyle continues to fit your needs. 

“We've never had an occasion where we even had to wait for more than 10 minutes when we raised a query,” said Ankit Pandey, an Associate Product Manager at OnJuno. “It was super quick and one of the best experiences I had while integrating a third-party API into our product so far.”

Here are some ways we stay connected with customers: 

If you hit a roadblock, our team is always available and happy to help! 

Documentation and guides

Got a question about Argyle? Whether it’s big picture or super technical, we have a guide that addresses it! We take pride in the depth and usability of our Documentation Library. Our guides feature tons of screenshots, diagrams, and code snippets to help you solve any issue you might encounter. We also wanted the guides to be helpful for anyone trying to learn more, not just engineers, so they are written in inclusive language. 

Beyond implementation, documentation and Changelog are among the first touch-points with existing customers and prospects for new features, so we are adding more content every day as our product expands.

See what clients are saying about Argyle

Don’t just take our word for it, check out any of our customer case studies to learn more about the problems Argyle solves for businesses, the implementation experience, and our commitment to continuous product improvement.

Want to learn more about our product and customer success team? Reach out today.