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Shmulik Fishman


Unlock Your Users’ Historic, Present, and Future Earnings With Ease

Pre-builds like Calculator make your Argyle integration as seamless, automated, and actionable as possible.

Once you discover all of the time-saving, conversion-boosting, business-scaling benefits of real-time employment data, you’ll want to get up and running with Argyle, like, yesterday. But finding the capacity to integrate our API into your app or platform might be a challenge. Maybe your needs are so specialized that you require a highly customized Argyle solution that would take up more time and resources than your developers have capacity for.

To support our customers that don’t have the in-house engineering resources to integrate our code into their product, we developed a set of tools that make implementation easier than ever: introducing Argyle pre-builds. 

How Pre-Builds work

To make getting started with Argyle as smooth and efficient as possible, you can choose from a growing list of implementation packages, or “pre-builds” that came out of a collaboration with San-Francisco based Scope.  Pre-builds make it easy for Argyle customers to retrieve, verify, control, and put to practical use the employment data Argyle provides access to. They can be deployed as is or customized to suit the specific needs of your app or platform. Either way, practically all the work is done for you, so your team can focus on programming and refining your product, not ours. 

Types of pre-builds

We have multiple pre-builds to suit a variety of use cases, and our library of pre-builds is always growing. Calculator, Operator, and Quick Verify are among our most popular.

Calculator: automated earnings computations in a flash

More often than not, it’s not enough to know your users’ historic work and income information—you also need to know what they can expect to earn in the future. But most legacy employment data solutions like Equifax TWN, and paystubs only provide you with a look at where users worked and how much money they made in the past, forcing your team to make manual calculations and projections. Not any longer.   

We do the number crunching, so you don’t have to.

Calculator is pre-formulated to take the raw employment data Argyle retrieves and output dozens of work and income calculations that lenders, underwriters, auto financiers, banks, and more use every day to make business decisions.  The application presents the aggregated data in a user friendly interface, while also showing you how the calculations are done - you can always edit the code yourself if you have specific requirements  to meet. 

It’s a pre-build that makes it possible for calculations like projected gross and net salary, last year’s gross and net salary, year-to-date earnings, total days employed, and more to be performed automatically and presented in a friendly, easy-to-comprehend dashboard, so everyone on your team can get a full and accurate understanding of your users;’ employment and income—all in a matter of seconds. In turn, your team’s decisioning is rendered faster, easier, and better informed. 

Operator: onboarding made easy

We also offer Operator, a pre-build for any Argyle customer looking to tailor Argyle’s onboarding interface to fit its brand and precise internal workflows—without having to write any code. This is an out of the box solution to get you started with Argyle immediately, without needing development resources. 

Operator lets you generate landing pages or send text messages and emails inviting your users to link with Argyle and perform other data-driven functions that fit your exact operational needs.

Automating wage allocation for seamless repayment.

One lender we work with used Operator to enable instant wage allocation without having to use any development resources. With Operator, the lender easily customized how its borrowers link payroll accounts with Argyle to include fields for bank routing number and wage allocation amount, instantly establishing auto-repayment terms. 

In turn, the lender reduced its lending risk, allowing loan officers to more confidently approve applications and disburse funds more quickly. 

Are you a developer? You can access documentation for all of Argyle’s pre-builds on GitHub.

Quick Verify: linking user payroll accounts 

Quick Verify is intended for companies looking to rapid start basic Argyle functions who don’t have access to developer resources. With Quick Verify, you get an out-of-the-box solution for integrating Argyle with your app or platform, so you can link users employment accounts (supports linking multiple accounts) and view and access a user’s payout and employment data in as little as a few days, start to finish. 

From Pre-Builds to Custom Solutions: How It Works for Argyle Customers

If you’re an Argyle customer in need of engineering support to get up and running with any of our employment data solutions, you can ask your Argyle account representative to put you in touch with Scope, our pre-builds provider and tech’s most advanced implementation-as-a-service company. You can also get in touch directly at and click “Get Started.” From there, you can pick a pre-build package or customize it simply by answering some high-level questions. Scope will then match you with a trained and certified expert who can seamlessly handle your implementation on your behalf, no matter how simple or complex.

All Argyle pre-builds can be implemented out of the box in as few as a couple of days or customized to suit your needs. Ready to get started? Go to or reach out to us directly to learn more about your implementation options. 

About Scope

Scope is tech’s most advanced implementation-as-a-service company. Its mission? To help businesses like yours integrate third-party products—things like payment processors, e-commerce shipping solutions, and financial data APIs— from market-leading vendors like Square, Shippo, Plaid—and now, Argyle - that allow you to grow and scale.