Join us to build the future of financial access.

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Cutting-edge work
Employment data is due for disruption. We’re on the case.
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International team
We're located across 19 different countries and counting.
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Where and when you do your job is completely up to you.


Competitive pay
It's important to us that everyone is compensated fairly.
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We offer meaningful stock package. Everyone is an owner.
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Flexible vacation policy
No set days off, it’s up to you.
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Remote first
We have always been a remote company. It's part of our DNA and how we operate.
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Flexible hours
Work whenever you want! Being spread across time zones gives us that flexibility.
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Home office allowance
Each new hire gets a stipend to set up the perfect WFH setup.
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Think like an owner

We trust our team members, allowing them autonomy to make decisions and build out their corner of the organization. We expect every Argyler to think like an owner of the business—and with your equity grant, you are.


Trust by default

Trust is built with transparency. Argylers don't hide projects, ideas, or feelings. We always put it all on the table. It also means we don't need to be involved in every conversation, meeting, or decision. We trust each other to make the right call and report back.


Make new mistakes

No one builds anything perfectly the first time around. The best we can do is be direct and transparent with each other about mistakes, fix them, and learn from them.


Avoid shortcuts

A common one-liner here is “measure twice, cut once.” Good work takes time to make. Finding shortcuts or completing a project “the easy way” is not the Argyle way. We build products that have been deeply considered and are built to last.