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Gig Economy


Offering transparency to DriveItAway’s dealership clients, with data on who is using their vehicles and how these vehicles are being driven, offers an industry-leading value proposition

DriveItAway is the first national dealer focused mobility platform that enables car dealers to enter the business of Mobility as a Service, and sell more vehicles, in a seamless way through eCommerce and its exclusive "Pay As You Go" rent-to-own program. DriveItAway is the connection for car dealerships to the growing market of vehicles used for mobility, ride-share, and commercial delivery use cases. For dealerships, DriveItWay offers "revenue in a box" and the path to more sales, by providing a customized software platform, insurance, and access to renters who want to become owners, many by using new "gig economy" sources of income.

The problem

Current industry solutions do not offer a fast, automated way to understand the driving history and standing of a potential renter of a dealership vehicle, how they are using a vehicle for commercial purposes or the ability to collect information on an insurance incident before the driver reports it.

”Without Argyle information, we did not know the insurance obligations of a reported claim when a renter reported an incident into us. This required us to place a manual request to the ride-share company, as to the status of the app, and, as it is not their job or obligation to respond to us, produced suboptimal data and increase administrative work on our team.”

John Possumato

CEO, DriveItAway

The solution

Argyle provides a single access point to every ride-share and gig platform. Using Argyle Link DriveItAway allows its renters to link their accounts (whether at Uber, Lyft, Postmates or Doordash) to DriveItAway giving them transparency into each trip they complete, their standing with the gig platform, and their history of performance on the platform. In addition, DriveItAway now has access to a renter's profile information allowing it to cross-reference information on an application to reduce fraud and unauthorized use of the vehicle.

”Now with Argyle, DriveItAway has transparency into how their vehicles are being used in real-time and can forward claim's information to the correct party, without relying on any third party to share this information.”
Shmulik Fishman

Shmulik Fishman

CEO, Argyle

The future

Since DriveItAway is now able to track the driving patterns, usage, and trip logs of all its renters, it allows them to better predict future claims and reduce risk throughout the experience. In all, this creates a better experience for all parties. Dealerships gain critical transparency and peace of mind on how their cars are being used, and DriveItAway has an automated way to manage risk, manage new renter intake, and automate claims processing while renters get a better on-boarding experience that requires no paper forms — they simply link their accounts.

  • Summary

    Dealer based shared mobility

  • Reduction in claims


  • Increased dealer participation


  • Saved in claims


  • Integration time

    1 week

  • Launched


  • Headquarters

    Haddonfield, NJ

  • Founder

    John Possumato

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