Announcing Argyle 2.0
Tigran Askaryan

Tigran Askaryan


Announcing Argyle 2.0: A New Era for Payroll Connectivity

We’ve packaged five years of learning and innovation into one exciting new release, with updates to Argyle Link and Console, as well as to our API and docs.

Since we first launched in 2018, we’ve upscaled our payroll connectivity platform to an enterprise-grade solution that transforms consumer finance from fintech to the Fortune 500. Along the way, we’ve learned from our customers’ experiences, delivered groundbreaking innovations, and moved deeper into the mortgage, lending, and banking industries.

Now, we’re ready to unveil Argyle 2.0, a system-wide revamp that brings all of our experience and insights together into one powerful new platform.

Our goal has always been to solve complex problems in a simple and beautiful way—with a platform offering that’s easy to use, quick to take to market, and equipped with an exceptional consumer experience that converts.

Existing Argyle customers can enable Argyle 2.0 by using our quick upgrade guide. Upgrading to the new platform will not affect your existing connections.

Let’s take a quick tour of Argyle 2.0’s advanced features across Argyle Link and Console, as well as the updates we’ve made to our API and documentation.

What’s new?

A more intuitive Argyle Link

Argyle Link is our white-labeled, embeddable front-end interface that allows consumers to connect you to their payroll account without ever leaving your application.

With the new Argyle Link, we’ve made improvements aimed at optimizing UX, so you can convert more of your customers faster. These improvements include:

  • An optional, fully customizable onboarding flow, with text that can be tailored to your unique brand experience

  • An upfront prompt for consumers who want to verify their income and employment manually, so you can convert 100% of your customers either programmatically or via Argyle’s deep-linked document upload feature

  • An enhanced search function, which allows you to feature an automatically populated menu of commonly searched employers and payroll providers

  • An optimized login flow, which makes it easy for consumers to select and follow their preferred method of authentication and to retrieve forgotten credentials if needed

To dive deeper into the details and features of the new Argyle Link, check out our comprehensive guide to Link 5.0. Keep in mind, in order to access Link 5.0, you’ll need to upgrade to the latest version of our API, which we cover below.

A redesigned Argyle Console

Argyle Console is your central command center, where you can test and fine-tune your Argyle Link flow, manage your connected accounts, run reports and analytics, and much more. Today, Console can do everything our API can do, all in one beautifully designed, enterprise-grade, no-code web solution that gets you up and running quickly.

Since Argyle Console’s last design refresh, a lot has been added to the tool’s capabilities, from webhook alerts and conversion charts to integration status updates. With that in mind, we’ve made some small updates that we expect will have a big impact on your Console experience.

Let’s dive into what you can expect from the new Console experience:

  • Reoriented navigation: You’ll notice the Console navigation bar has shifted from a vertical column (along the left-hand side of the screen) to a horizontal menu that sits along the top. This not only gives you more space to explore and play with Console’s many features and functions, it makes it clearer how different elements connect and work with one another. It also gives our team some breathing room to add new capabilities as we expand our platform.

  • Simpler terminology: Previously, the tools that allowed you to preview and adjust your consumer-facing UI were referred to as Link Emulator and Link Customizer, respectively. Now, we’ve merged and repackaged them into one simplified tool called Link Flows. That means you can make edits and see your changes go live in the same space, for a more intuitive and immediate experience.

  • Streamlined features: Our redesigned Console offers all the same features and functions you’ve always used—including the ability to review Argyle's coverage, check the status of your connections, set up real-time webhook alerts, and generate custom VOI and VOE reports and data sets—just in a streamlined and more self-evident package.

Visit Console to start exploring these updates today.

A more powerful API

In addition to refreshing Argyle Link and Argyle Console, we’ve rearchitected our API to more easily allow for continued optimizations to responsiveness and security. That means you can expect faster response times and an all-around superior experience.

Integrating with Argyle’s new API will unlock access to all upgrades in Argyle Link, as well as any future innovations we build into our platform.

To explore the technical details of the API v2 structure, jump into the updated docs.

New and improved documentation

Finally, we’ve reworked our documentation from end to end to align with the new look and feel of the Argyle brand and platform—and to neatly house all of our current (and future) upgraded experiences across Link, Console, and the Argyle API.

You can explore the new version of our docs here.

Ready for the Argyle 2.0 experience?

We’re excited to see what we can do together in the next five years.

To get started with Argyle 2.0, you can follow our simple upgrade guide—or connect with a member of our team for hands-on support.