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Sigita Galaunyte

Sigita Galaunyte


Introducing Argyle Link 5.0

Your guide to creating a more customized, intuitive customer experience with the latest Argyle Link

Argyle Link is a multi-platform, embeddable, front-end UI tool that allows your customers to instantly connect their payroll or employer account, share income and employment data in real time, and effortlessly complete your onboarding process—all without ever leaving your application.

Now, we’ve given Argyle Link a major refresh, with improvements to the customizations, search functions, and login options you can build into your flow.

Current Argyle customers will need to integrate with our latest API and upgrade to the latest version of Argyle Link to enjoy these new features and functionalities. It’s as easy as following the steps in our quick upgrade guide.

Below, we take a tour of what you can expect from the Argyle Link 5.0—and how it can help you create simpler, streamlined customer experiences that convert.

What’s new in Argyle Link 5.0?

Customize your flow to your brand

Most importantly, we’ve redesigned the Argyle Link onboarding flow, allowing you to align the income and employment verification process even more with your brand.

First, the introductory screen is now optional (and disabled by default), so you can use your own version if you have one. If you decide to use ours, the template is now fully customizable, so you can edit any and all text to match your unique branding, messaging, and customer journey. We’ve also added suggested language that helps your customers understand what role Argyle plays in your onboarding flow and why.

The new onboarding experience also includes a customizable, upfront prompt that gives your customers the option to verify their income and employment data manually, linking them directly to Argyle’s document upload tool.

This not only makes our document upload feature easier to access, it offers a proactive solution when your customers want to include key documents that are missing from their payroll account. It also helps convert customers who are looking to verify data for a previous, inactive employer, as well as those who are unable or unwilling to share their payroll account credentials, ensuring you have 100% coverage in any scenario.

Tailor searches to your customer traffic

Next, instead of prompting your customers to type in their income source(s) on their own, the new Argyle Link offers an expanded menu of payroll provider and employer icons for them to choose from.

The default screen features a grid with the names and logos of commonly searched companies, which is automatically populated based on your application’s unique customer traffic. If you wish, you can expand this “popular” category to include specific employers, which can be useful in the case of a targeted campaign. There are also additional tabs with scrollable grids containing all of the employers and payroll providers available through the Argyle Data Network.

Of course, your customers can still use our type-in, auto-complete search function, if they prefer, by clicking on the “search” field at the top of the screen and entering their source(s) of income.

Capture more customers with their preferred login method

Argyle Link 5.0’s optimized login flows offer greater optionality and visibility. Your customers are now presented with multiple authentication options from the outset, so they can select their preferred method before hitting the login screen. That means fewer steps and no imposed flows—or, in other words, less overall friction and more conversions.

To guide your customers along the process, the login screen itself now contains a multi-hint setup, with both their payroll and login selections prominently featured. We’ve also added a simple, direct “forgot password?” reset link, along with password hints to convert your customers who need extra help recalling their payroll account credentials.

Unlocking the next chapter of payroll connectivity

All in all, Argyle Link 5.0 delivers a more intuitive, straightforward experience, so you can upgrade your onboarding flows, improve your UX, and boost conversions without having to provide any additional customer education.

Get started with the new Link

To explore Argyle Link 5.0 and begin enjoying its many benefits, check out our quick upgrade guide. It offers an in-depth look at what has changed and what you should keep in mind as you upgrade to the latest Argyle experience.

If you have any questions about using the new Argyle Link, want to learn more about its features, or need help with your integration, reach out to our expert team for hands-on support.