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Announcing Argyle’s Partnership With Flinks

Flinks Partners With Argyle to Offer Fuller Financial Insights

Argyle’s direct payroll connections enhance Flinks’ powerful open banking platform with access to real-time income and employment data.

We’re thrilled to announce a new partnership between Argyle and Flinks, a leader in open banking, financial data connectivity, and analytics.

Since launching in 2017, Flinks has helped countless innovators at fintech, lending, digital banking, and more aggregate and enrich their customers’ transaction data, enabling them to build stronger, smarter financial services.

The backbone of Flinks’s platform is Connectivity, a set of powerful API and no-code solutions that allow consumers to securely connect their bank accounts and share their financial data in real time.

That means, via Flinks, financial service providers get an instant, accurate view not only of their customers’ transaction and investment histories, but of key data points that can power a range of critical use cases, from know-your-customer (KYC) checks and instant bank verifications (IBV) to ACH/EFT authentications and fraud prevention.

By partnering with Argyle, Flinks is adding direct payroll connections to the Connectivity toolkit, giving clients an equally strong view of their customers’ income and employment data—and the opportunity to confidently scale their business.

Granular income and employment insights—even for gig workers

While open banking data and transaction records offer some visibility into income and employment, they don’t paint the whole picture. That’s because bank accounts are the destination—not the source—of a consumer’s income, and wages are often divvied up between taxes, benefits, and any other withholdings before they’re ever deposited. Still, these are important details for a financial service provider to know.

Visibility is even cloudier in the case of gig workers and other independent contractors, who now make up more than a third of the U.S. workforce. These consumers are often paid out directly to debit cards issued by gig platforms like Uber and DoorDash. That means their income bypasses the bank system altogether, making it all but impossible to verify through transaction data alone.

Argyle’s API, on the other hand, connects directly to a consumer’s payroll account, so it draws income data straight from the source—before it’s divided up or distributed anywhere else.

In short, Argyle’s income and employment data is the perfect complement to Flinks’ open banking data because it’s:

  • Comprehensive: Argyle delivers over 170 granular data points, including gross-pay fields like 401(k) contributions and wage garnishments that don’t show up in transaction records.

  • Real-time: Bank data can only show income that was earned and deposited in the past, while Argyle’s direct payroll connections show what’s being earned now—often before a deposit is even triggered.

  • Continuous: Argyle offers an ongoing view of a consumer’s income and employment activity, so it’s easy to see what they’re making shift by shift and hour by hour.

  • Contextualized: With bank data, income is just a lump sum that appears as an isolated number, but direct payroll connections can tell you the circumstances behind where, when, and how those wages were earned.

  • Verified: Argyle’s income and employment data is streamed directly from a consumer’s payroll platform for 100% accuracy, adding another layer of trust to Flinks’s Enrichment engine.

The bottom line? With Flinks’ open banking and Argyle’s direct payroll connections working together through Connectivity, financial service providers can get a full, 360-degree view of their customers’ finances—all from a single platform.

Argyle’s real-time income and employment data rounds out our platform and completes the financial puzzle, so our clients can understand their customers on a deeper level. That means stronger products, more efficient operations, and smarter business decisions that allow them to expand into new, previously inaccessible markets.
Yves-Gabriel Leboeuf

Yves-Gabriel Leboeuf

CEO, Flinks

Learn more about Argyle’s direct payroll connections

Argyle’s solutions aren’t just easy to use, they’re easy to implement, so you can start seeing results right away. To discover what real-time income and employment data can do for you, get in touch with a member of the Flinks team—or sign up for a free Argyle account to try our platform out for yourself.