Data Privacy
Shmulik Fishman

Shmulik Fishman


Argyle’s Unwavering Stance on Data Privacy

Our business is built on trust, compliance and partnerships.

In the wake of several inaccurate and unsubstantiated articles about Argyle in the press, I'd like to personally reiterate our unwavering stance on data privacy and our commitment to doing right by both our customers and their users. 

In speaking with some of our largest and publicly traded customers I reinforced a set of commitments to our business operations. I want to share and reinforce these same commitments publicly, and clarify how Argyle operates not only as a legal business but a morally- and mission-driven one. 

  • Argyle has never sold employment data. Nor will it ever resell, buy, or purchase employment data.

  • Argyle operates solely as a Data Transfer Agent for users. Our services only allow individuals to transmit their own information between their employment account and a business they have chosen to share it with.

  • Argyle has never – and will never – participate in any hacking, malicious software operations, or harm the third party services we interact with on behalf of our clients and users.

  • Argyle will never engage in phishing activities, and never has in the past.

  • Argyle screens and vets all of its clients before they are allowed access to our products, and audits use of our service on a normal basis.

  • Argyle will continue to build and provide the secure platform for transmitting employment records and will always publish our security certificates.

Argyle remains focused on our mission – to provide a secure, user-permissioned mechanism for the transmission of employees' employment records.

Partnerships with the financial services industry and beyond are how we build secure employment access for our users, making Argyle's continued success possible. Together, we are part of a transformational moment in employment data ownership – let's all stay focused on the signal and not the noise.


Shmulik Fishman

CEO and Founder of Argyle