With Argyle, you control who has access to your data

Your information is only shared with your consent, and you can revoke permission at any time.

Personal information is just that—personal. But it hasn’t always been treated that way. For too long, businesses have taken advantage of the data that belongs to consumers, without their knowledge or consent.

Argyle does things differently. We champion your right to exercise full ownership of your personal information. We empower you to share your employment data with third-parties that you trust, like your bank, your lenders, and your insurance providers. Now you can benefit from the tools, resources, and services they provide. All on your terms.

It starts and ends with user consent

You choose who can access your employment data. You decide how long they have access to it and if and when you want to terminate that access. We make it easy for you to control it.
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Your interests are our priority

When you use Argyle to grant third party access to your employment data, we take on the role of a Designated Data Transfer Agent. This means we work solely on your behalf, with a steadfast commitment to never aggregate, resell, or re-use your personal information.
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Everything is under lock and key

Keeping your data confidential is our steadfast commitment. To that end, Argyle has achieved and resolutely maintains the highest level of security standards. We’ve undergone SOC2, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, GDPR, and CCPA audits and we adhere to military-grade encryption with secure storage protocols to protect your personal information.
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We put everyone on equal footing

Employment data is at the foundation of our society. It’s required documentation if you want to rent or buy a home, purchase a car, apply for a new job, or get a loan. But businesses haven’t always looked at everyone’s applications the same way: the employment data of workers with nontraditional backgrounds can be harder to access or interpret. With Argyle, the employment data of every worker—salaried, hourly, gig, freelance, or contract—is accessible and standardized, opening new doors for more kinds of workers.
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And yes, it’s totally legal and secure. And no, your employer will not ever have to know unless you want them to.