Legal Changelog

Argyle strives to improve and update its offerings frequently, and we update our legal policies in connection with those evolving practices. We also periodically revise and reorganize the language in our legal policies to make them easier for consumers to use and understand. We endeavor to be transparent about these changes, and so we publish this consumer-facing Legal Changelog to facilitate consumer understanding of when, and for what reasons, material updates to our consumer-facing legal policies are made.

If you have any questions about the changes, please reach out to us at [email protected].


We published updated to our Consumer Terms and Privacy Notice to in connection with the launch of Argyle Passport.


We published updates to our Privacy Notice making a non-substantive clarification to the Employment Data, expressly listing tax forms and paystubs as documents the Platforms as documents the Platform may retrieve on a Consumer's behalf), well as making several typographical or stylistic corrections.


We published a GLBA Privacy Notice and updated our Privacy Notice and CCPA Notice to, among other things, account for the GLBA Privacy Notice and align terminology with our Consumer Terms. We also updated our Consumer Terms in connection with our new Messaging Policy, including instructions to enable consumers to opt-out of receive text message sent by customers using the messaging functionalities of our solutions.


We deprecated our End User Terms and have published new Consumer Terms which, among other things, reflect updates to our consumer-facing offerings, include terms applicable to consumers in Canada, and implement terminology more consistent with our Customer Terms. The Consumer Terms replace our (now-deprecated) End User Terms. The most recent version of our End User Terms will remain live on our website until further notice, but will no longer be actively linked to on our Legal Page. If you wish to receive a copy of our End User Terms existing as of a certain date, please email us at [email protected].


We published (i) updates to our Privacy Notice that, among other things, separated out the GDPR Notice into its own webpage, (ii) a new GDPR Notice page, (iii) a Cookie Policy, (iv) and this Legal Changelog for consumers.