Direct-Source Discourse Episode 1
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Direct-Source Discourse Episode 1: Cindy Keith’s Recipe for Effective Mortgage Tech Implementation

In our inaugural podcast, NFM Lending Chief Strategy Officer Cindy Keith joins John Hardesty, general manager of Argyle’s mortgage division, to discuss the current state of the industry, mortgage innovation, and technology adoption.

Like many mortgage professionals, Cindy didn’t necessarily plan on a career in the field, admitting, “I kind of stumbled into it. Towards the end of college, I took a temp job as a loan processor for a local mortgage company that specialized in VA loans … I kind of got sucked in, and it’s been a lot of fun.”

Now a self-described mortgage “lifer,” Cindy has spent more than 25 years in mortgage banking, including 17 years at Fannie Mae, where she was recruited to the GSE’s first eMortgage team. She became the co-author of five patents over the course of that work and helped shape the industry’s digitization of the mortgage process.

Given Cindy’s professional bona fides, we wanted to hear her perspective on the challenges lenders face today, from inventory shortages and interest rates to technology adoption hurdles. Along the way, we got to know Cindy a little better and learned that she’s as passionate about baking as she is about the mortgage industry! Check out some of Cindy’s cake creations and listen to the full podcast below: