Employment data screening
Justin Stolzenberg

Justin Stolzenberg


Reduce costs, fraud, and eliminate manual employment verification with Argyle

Argyle's accredited background check solution automates verifications, lowers costs, and shortens turnaround times

Verify more candidates, more quickly, for less

Verifying employment information in the background check process is often a time-intensive, expensive, and manual process. But with Argyle’s real-time employment verification, you can instantly verify with confidence, automate manual reviews, and pay up to 80% less than traditional verification services. With Argyle, you’ll:

  • Lower your costs in comparison to traditional background check solutions

  • Speed up turnaround times by eliminating phone calls and manual review

  • Maintain candidate confidentiality with our fully digital solution that doesn’t alert current or past employers

  • Reduce fraud risk and accurately verify by connecting to data directly from the source; employee payroll

Get started quickly

Our no-code solution gets you up and running immediately, so you can start saving time and money without the technical lift. For background check providers that want to embed Argyle into their existing candidate portal, we also offer a customizable solution that returns verified employment data in real-time.

Verify with confidence

Argyle’s real-time data provided through user-permissioned payroll connectivity is the clear choice for credible, accurate background screenings. Today, one-third of all credit reports contain errors, and many traditional verification services rely on outdated and erroneous information. Consumers are typically not aware that inaccurate information is on their report and therefore do not know to dispute it. Obtaining information directly from the source, payroll data, is the best way to ensure information is reliable and reviewed by the consumer. We’re proud that Argyle’s verification has been accredited by the Professional Background Screening Association, a set of professional standards that is a widely recognized seal of approval for employment background screening-affiliated organizations.

Want to learn more about employment verification for background check providers?

Reach out to our team to get your questions answered, and discover how automated, real-time employment verifications can transform your screening process.