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Justin Stolzenberg

Justin Stolzenberg


Argyle accredited by Professional Background Screening Association

Argyle emphasizes real-time, direct-source data as the most reliable for employment verifications during the background screening process.

Industry excellence

Argyle is proud to receive accreditation from the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA), which exists to advance excellence in the background screening industry.

“We are thrilled to welcome Argyle to the Professional Background Screening Association. You have joined our ever-growing membership of organizations from around the globe who share PBSA’s mission to advance excellence within the background screening industry.”
Melissa Sorenson

Melissa Sorenson

Executive Director, PBSA

“Founded in 2003, PBSA has grown to become the representative body for the industry. We look forward to providing you with the resources and benefits that come with your PBSA Membership.” PBSA is governed by a strict and thorough set of professional standards and has become a widely recognized seal of approval for employment background screening-affiliated organizations. The accreditation confirms that Argyle's background screening policies meet these standards.

High, universal standards

“Argyle is committed to automating employment verifications in the background check industry,” said Shmulik Fishman, CEO of Argyle. “For our consumers and end-users, we operate under rigorous standards and don't compromise or cut corners. We’re pleased PBSA's accreditation confirms those commitments.” Argyle’s real-time data provided through user-permissioned payroll connectivity is the clear choice for credible, accurate employment verifications. Automating employment verifications through Argyle enables background check providers to cut costs compared to alternatives, speed up turnaround times and minimize manual processing. Additionally, candidates can maintain confidentiality as their previous or current employer is never notified about verifications processed by Argyle.

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