February 2023 Product Update
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Argyle Product Update: February 2024

Welcome to another edition of Argyle’s product update: your source for the latest features and performance improvements that make Argyle the most trusted choice in income and employment data.

If asked to choose a theme for our latest product updates, we would pick ease of use. From a teamwork-facilitating feature release to net-new and better-than-ever native integrations that make using Argyle more seamless within your preferred loan origination system, our product roadmap has been putting your experience front and center.

Our first feature release of 2024

Introducing CC Your Team

Our new Cc Your Team feature makes it easier to coordinate income and employment verifications across multiple team members involved in the loan process. When you Cc Your Team, Argyle will send you and the team members of your choosing a link to retrieve a borrower’s verification report once complete.

New & improved integrations with leading LOS providers

Argyle and Dark Matter Bring Direct-Source VOI & VOE to the Empower® LOS

Mortgage lenders using Empower by Dark Matter Technologies can now benefit from reduced costs, faster loan cycles, and a better borrower experience.

As the first direct-source income and employment verification provider to integrate natively with Empower, Argyle is working hand-in-hand with Dark Matter to bring a new frontier of operational advantages to mortgage lenders.

Connect with our team to get started with Argyle within the Empower platform. Set up is fast and doesn’t require technical resources!

Encompass® Makes Argyle Available for Automated Ordering

If you are part of a mortgage lending team that uses Encompass to originate and process loans, you can now configure your Encompass experience to automatically order a verification of income and employment report through Argyle whenever a loan file meets predetermined conditions of your choosing. In turn, you can build an even more seamless and cost-effective VOIE waterfall.

Set up is fast and easy through Encompass Web® with an administrator account. Visit our docs for a comprehensive guide or reach out to your Argyle customer success representative with questions.

Our continuous platform investments drive performance for you

Net conversion tops 55%

From the conversion catalysts baked into our UI to the strength of our network connections returning the most complete data set, Argyle has long prioritized platform improvements that allow us to lead the market in net conversion. And now, at 55%, we’re even beating our own record.

See the enhancements in Link 5.6 that allowed us to reach this important milestone. And be sure to reach out to your CS team member to discuss ways to optimize Argyle within the context of your product to reach your full conversion potential.

Verified coverage grows by 6 million

Our data network is always expanding

Over the past three months, Argyle’s verified coverage expanded by over 6 million records, and we synced payroll records from more than 18,000 new employers. Why is verified coverage a more useful measure than total coverage? Because conversion on verified coverage is higher, and conversion is what ultimately generates your cost and time savings.

Where we’ll be next

Fintech Meetup [March 3-6, 2024]

We’ll be in Vegas at Booth #1021. Stop by to say hi, and be sure to check out our CCO Brian Geary on stage at the Innovations in Consumer Lending & Credit - What Comes Next? panel on Sunday, March 3, 2024, 2-2:40 PM PST. He’ll be speaking alongside leaders from Wells Fargo, Prosper, and Avant.

Lenders One Summit [March 3-6, 2024]

We’re also heading out to Los Angeles to network with fellow ambitious minds in the mortgage industry. Look for us at the Argyle kiosk; we’re excited to meet with our mortgage peers!

ICE Experience [March 18-20, 2024]

It’s back to Vegas at the end of March. At Booth #428, our customers will have the chance to meet with our CEO, CCO, and mortgage team—including our distinguished advisors! Let us know if you’re planning to attend. We can offer you a customer discount code toward the purchase of your ticket.

PBSA Mid-Year [March 24-26, 2024]

To close out the month, our background check industry team will be in Arlington, VA, for this can’t-miss regulatory event. Visit us at Booth #410 to learn more about our CRA-focused offering and what’s on our roadmap for employment verifications.

We’re building for you. If you have suggestions or questions, we’re happy to help.

Get in touch with our team if you have inquiries about our latest features, want updates on what we're developing next, or need additional support. To learn what else we’ve been up to recently, head over to the Argyle blog.