Argyle and Dark Matter
Brian Geary

Brian Geary


Argyle and Dark Matter Bring Direct-Source VOI & VOE to the Empower® LOS

Mortgage lenders using Empower, the loan origination system (LOS) by Dark Matter Technologies, can now benefit from reduced costs, faster loan cycles, and a better borrower experience.

Just when you thought our Income & Employment Verification solution couldn’t be more attuned to the needs of the mortgage industry, we’re excited to announce our integration with leading LOS provider Dark Matter Technologies (formerly Black Knight).

Together, we’re making it even easier for lenders that use Dark Matter’s Empower® Loan Origination Platform to access direct-source income and employment verifications and increase efficiencies across the loan cycle.

Empower’s first direct-source VOI/VOE integration

As the first direct-source income and employment verification provider to integrate natively with the Empower LOS, Argyle is working hand-in-hand with Dark Matter to bring a new frontier of operational advantages to mortgage lenders.

What makes our direct-source solution so special? Unlike other VOI and VOE providers, we pull income and employment data—plus documents like paystubs and W-2s—directly from the system of record (i.e., borrowers’ payroll accounts), and we do it in real time. It’s a live, continuous data connection that delivers incredible advantages for lenders and borrowers alike:

  • 60 to 80% verification cost savings

  • Instant, on-demand, $0 reverifications

  • Far fewer borrower touchpoints

  • Accelerated loan processing (i.e., no more waiting on borrowers to collect and send critical income and employment documentation)

  • Up-to-the-minute data accuracy

  • A friendly and streamlined borrower experience 

Combined with Dark Matter’s impressive experience and Empower’s cutting-edge functionality, it’s a collaboration that’s poised to redefine mortgage originations for every party at the closing table.

Getting started and other Argyle integrations

Connect with our team to get started with Argyle’s direct-source Income & Employment Verification solution within the Empower platform without any technical resources. 

For those not on Empower, learn more about Argyle’s additional integrations with Encompass®, Desktop Underwriter®, and SimpleNexus.