Argyle announces Day 1 Certainty

John Hardesty


Argyle Supports Day 1 Certainty®

Mortgage lenders using Desktop Underwriter® (DU®) can choose a consumer-permissioned income and employment verifications provider to get existing relief from representations and warranties through Fannie Mae.

We’re thrilled to announce that Argyle is an authorized report supplier for Fannie Mae’s DU validation service, a component of Day 1 Certainty®, which will allow us to accelerate our mission to help lenders transform their mortgage operations.

As the first consumer-permissioned income and employment verifications provider to be named an authorized report supplier for the DU validation service, we are able to offer lenders an efficient verification experience with lower buyback risk.

Argyle’s integration with Fannie Mae’s DU validation service will be live at the end of this month. Read on to learn what Argyle’s new status means and what it can do for your business.

The power of Day 1 Certainty

Fannie Mae established the DU validation service to simplify mortgage lending, optimize how borrower data is shared and verified, and cut needless risk and paperwork out of the equation. The DU validation service also provides a formal checkpoint to encourage the use of high-quality, secure data throughout the mortgage industry.

In turn, the DU validation service boosts confidence and eases workloads on both sides of the loan origination process. For borrowers, it means a lower-friction application and a better overall experience. For lenders, it means more efficient and informed verifications, faster loan cycles, existing relief from representation and warranties on validated loan components, and a reduced buyback risk.

While every authorized report supplier for the DU validation service streamlines loan originations, only Argyle offers mortgage lenders even greater benefits. Our automated Income & Employment Verification solution for mortgage yields the highest conversion rates, lower verification costs, and a dedicated team of implementation experts who help lenders see results fast.

What sets Argyle apart

Of the six income and employment verification providers approved by Fannie Mae, we’re the first that uses consumer-permissioned, direct-source data. That means, unlike other providers, Argyle connects directly to borrowers’ payroll accounts and streams real-time income and employment data straight from the system of record.

Not only does that enable continuous data access and instant reverifications, it ensures up-to-the-minute accuracy. It also results in 60 to 80% lower verification costs compared to legacy verification providers, which buy and resell data and pass those costs on to lenders. Lenders can also expect these savings relative to platforms that rely on manual processes at the back end of their waterfall.

Argyle is also optimized for conversions and purposefully built for the mortgage industry. We’ve spent years perfecting our technology to make the verification process as seamless as possible for borrowers and to provide lenders with the data they need to make informed, accurate, and quick mortgage loan decisions. 

The bottom line

When you verify income and employment through the DU validation service using data from Argyle, you’re not just getting Day 1 Certainty, you’re getting an innovative and cost-effective verification solution that will transform your mortgage operations.

Ready to take your verifications to the next level?

Get in touch with an Argyle account executive to learn more about our automated, Fannie Mae-approved Income & Employment Verification solution.