No-Code VOI & VOE Solutions to Level Up Your Mortgage Flows

John Hardesty


Streamline Mortgage Verifications in 24 Hours: Efficient, Cost-Effective VOI & VOE

With Argyle, optimize your mortgage experience without any development work required

It’s no secret (in fact, it’s a widely reported trend) that consumers are increasingly opting for fast, frictionless financial experiences—the kind unlocked by direct payroll connections and instant data sharing. Automating key parts of your onboarding flow with real-time income and employment data benefits you, as a lender, too, by streamlining your verification processes, decreasing costs, and maximizing your ROI.

But building those automated connections into your platform can siphon valuable development time, energy, and resources away from your core competencies. Before you commit to a full integration, you want to be sure that a given data solution meets the mark.

Argyle has built a simple - yet powerful - income and employment verification solution so you don’t have to. Argyle Console is our enterprise-grade, web-based tool to test, launch, and manage verifications. Console offers the same level of real-time, continuous data access as our powerful API, but it can be implemented in under a day and without any development resources.

Invite customers to connect via email or text, access required payroll documents, and generate VOI and VOE reports in a matter of seconds—all without writing a single line of code. Console also allows you to customize and test the experience from your customers’ point of view, so you can see the results first-hand.

Let’s dive a bit deeper into what Argyle can do for your business—and how it can get you up and running quickly with industry-leading payroll connections.

One intuitive dashboard to send and manage verification requests

Argyle Console enables you to connect new or existing customers through URL invites sent via email and/or SMS. All your customers need to do is input the username and password they use to log in to their payroll or employment account and tap or click “Connect.” Once they do, Argyle begins retrieving their income and employment data and importing key documents to your platform.

The simplicity goes both ways. For mortgage lenders, getting set up with Argyle Console takes as little as 24-48 hours.

Console also makes it easy for you to test and customize every aspect of your verification flows to fit your unique branding and product, so you can maximize the seamlessness of your customer experience and boost conversion rates. The best part is, you don’t have to expend a single minute of developer time to do it.

Instant access to payroll documents

You can also quickly access the financial documentation you need—from your customers’ W-2s to their paystubs—with just a few clicks and without having to navigate away from Console.

Better still, our data formats are fully standardized, so you get the same, clean report from any income and employment data source, whether it’s Uber, Walmart, or Suzy’s Cupcakes.

Real-time, ongoing visibility to lower costs (and risk)

Using Argyle Console is like opening a window onto your customers’ employer and payroll accounts, so you get immediate, direct visibility into their work activity and earnings. That not only means up-to-minute, 100% accurate insights straight from the source—for smarter, lower-risk underwriting decisions—it means ongoing access to the income and employment data you need.

Most importantly, it means you can reverify the same customer as many times as you want from a single touchpoint—without incurring the reverification costs typically charged by credit bureaus.

To repeat, that’s $0 reverifications. All in all, we’ve seen lenders use Argyle reduce their total verification costs by 80% or more.

Best-in-class support

Argyle’s dedicated Customer Success Managers are always on-hand to help your leadership and operations teams set up and manage new payroll connections, and Argyle offers everything from live training sessions to video tutorials to written materials to guide you through the process. You’ll learn not only how to use and navigate Argyle Console and invite customers to connect, but how to handle different scenarios—like if a customer can’t remember their account credentials or needs to reestablish a lapsed connection.

Your Customer Success Manager can also help you track your conversion metrics, offer actionable tips to improve your performance, and provide customized one-pagers you can share with customers to educate them on the role Argyle plays.

If you ultimately decide to embed Argyle into your platform via our API—so customers can connect and verify their data without ever leaving your app—your CSM can help you through the process. That sort of multi-phased go-to-market strategy can help you pilot and perfect the Argyle verification experience and observe real results before investing in a full-fledged integration.

The bottom line? Going no-code with Argyle isn’t just a great way to accelerate your product roadmap and keep operational costs low. It’s a sweeping solution for bringing frictionless payroll connections, real-time income and employment data, and in-depth financial insights to your origination and onboarding flows, without placing any burden on your developers.

Get started with Argyle Console

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