Lenders One Partners With Argyle to Automate Mortgage Verifications

John Hardesty


Lenders One Taps Argyle for VOI & VOE

Argyle’s direct payroll connections automate loan processing for a growing mortgage network

We’re excited to announce that Lenders One® has added Argyle as a Reseller Provider. 

Lenders One is a national alliance of independent mortgage bankers, banks and credit unions.  Together, these organizations originate roughly 17% of US residential mortgage loans, making Lenders One the biggest retail mortgage entity in the United States.

One of the greatest strengths of Lenders One lies in the exclusive resources, innovative business tools and platforms it offers to the members, giving them a competitive edge in the marketplace. Lenders One Loan Automation™ (LOLA™), a custom-built, proprietary mortgage technology platform that’s free for Lenders One members, is one such platform. LOLA allows members to fulfill orders and services at the click of a button from within the LOS or thru APIs. Combined with easily configurable vendor cascade and duplicate checks, LOLA helps automate the loan origination process end to end. Further, LOLA’s auto-triggers and APIs support extensive programmability, allowing members to customize their own intelligent workflows while increasing efficiencies and reducing costs.

To achieve these results, LOLA combines some of the most powerful products on the Lenders One platform, which now include Argyle Income & Employment Verification.

Streamlining verifications for faster, smarter loan processing

Originating a mortgage loan can involve highly manual and time-consuming tasks, like calling or writing to each of a consumer’s employers to verify their income and work history. LOLA eases this burden by automating the flow of income and employment data and generating instant verification reports that lenders can use in their decisioning process.

Argyle’s consumer-permissioned, programmatic payroll connections are built into the LOLA platform, working behind the scenes to deliver real-time income and employment data and a better verification experience.

With Argyle, consumers share their own income and employment information by logging into their payroll account and streaming verified data straight from the source. For Lenders One members, that means superior:

  • Efficiency: Programmatic payroll connections allow for instant, ongoing data access, eliminating the need for any manual paperwork and accelerating a lender’s time to close.

  • Accuracy: Because Argyle uses direct-source data from the payroll platforms themselves, there’s no opportunity for human errors or oversights that can put a lender at risk.

  • Insights: Argyle’s thorough data sets provide a granular view of income and employment, with 170+ fields, including gross pay details like withholdings, deductions, and distributions.

  • Coverage: Argyle, which has been growing its data network since 2018, covers 85% of the U.S. workforce and consistently sees an average hit rate 4x to 5x higher than other providers.

Along with other components in the LOLA verification waterfall—including automated verification of assets and flood certifications—Argyle also integrates with most point of sale (POS) and loan origination software (LOS).

That means lenders can not only complete their verifications efficiently and reliably, but they can also optimize the entire loan origination process, from application to cash deployment, with just a few clicks.

Learn more about Argyle’s automated income and employment verifications

To discover how Argyle’s direct payroll integrations maximize speed, accuracy, and connectivity at a fraction of the cost, reach out to a member of our team—or sign up for a free account to explore our platform and try our VOI and VOE solutions out for yourself.