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increase in deposits. Customers can update their direct deposit effortlessly with Argyle.


customer retention increase. Enhance customer loyalty post-deposit acquisition via Argyle.


per user, per month. Drive additional monthly revenue from customers who change their primary deposit account.

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Banks rely on Argyle to power the digital experiences that drive performance across the customer journey.

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  • Frictionless deposit switching. Customers authorize deposit switches in seconds, without leaving your website or app.

  • More assets managed. Less friction means more direct deposits, driving growth in assets under management.

  • Flexible distributions. Customers can set up multiple direct deposit allocations, funding checking and savings accounts in one quick and easy workflow.

  • Streamlined everything. Implement additional automations like income and employment verification and KYC.

  • Stickier relationships. Easily offer innovative banking products like earned wage access that fosters customer loyalty.

How banks use Argyle

Automate account funding for new customers and capture a greater share of wallet for existing customers, all within your existing experience.

“Argyle’s direct-deposit solution is the most well-developed on the market, and they provide us with real-time transparency into employment and income.”

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