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Loan Cycles on Encompass®

Access Argyle's direct‒source verification reports, W‒2’s, and paystubs on Encompass® by ICE Mortgage Technology®

Transform how you verify income and employment without change management or technical resources

  • 60-80% lower verification costs

    Save money compared to legacy providers and manual methods, including $0 reverifications.

  • Get Day 1 Certainty® from Fannie Mae

    Use Argyle on Encompass with Desktop Underwriter® to qualify for relief from reps and warranties.

  • Real-time VOI + VOE from application to closing

    Generate the most accurate reports on-demand, for efficient and confident lending decisions.

  • Automated payroll document retrieval

    Pull borrowers’ paystubs and W-2s straight from the system of record, so they don’t have to.

How to order direct-source income and employment verifications with Argyle and Encompass

Learn how Argyle is transforming the mortgage lending experience through direct-source verifications.

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