July 2024 Product Update
Scott Zabrowski

Scott Zabrowski


NEW: Conversion-Driving Features Available in Argyle’s Encompass Integration & Argyle Console

Testing indicates that our latest enhancements can increase conversion by 30 percentage points.

When it comes to verifying income and employment, superior data quality is inextricably linked to an exceptional user experience and high conversion rate; you can’t expect the former without the latter (and the latter go hand-in-hand, too). Which is why all of us at Argyle dedicate so much energy to setting new standards in UX and conversion—because we know our data quality and customers’ success depends on it.

Case in point: our latest product enhancements—Employer Match, Troubleshoot Messaging, and Cc Your Team. They’re available now through our integration with Encompass® by ICE Mortgage Technology® and Argyle Console.

Employer Match: Send borrowers a shortcut to their income stream

In mortgage, we know filling your pipeline—and keeping it full—depends on making things as seamless as possible for potential borrowers. Optimizing for seamlessness includes removing any steps from borrower workflows that could present unnecessary friction or lead to dead ends.

We have a solution.

Employer Match lets loan officers search for and connect borrowers to specific income sources when sending an Argyle invitation. In turn, borrowers get a streamlined shortcut to their payroll connection, facilitating VOIE and borrower retention.

Not only does Employer Match allow loan officers to confirm in advance if a borrower is covered by Argyle, it removes the need for borrowers to search for their employer or payroll provider themselves. The result is an easier, faster, and more personalized borrower experience and a higher conversion rate for lenders. In fact, our testing has shown that direct login tactics like Employer Match can improve conversion by 30 percentage points.

Employer match can be enabled in the Other settings section of Console.

Troubleshoot Messages: Pinpoint connection problems for quicker remediation

Some payroll systems require Argyle connections to be re-authenticated from time to time. Connection issues can happen periodically as well. What do you do then? We launched Troubleshoot Messages to help you out.

Troubleshoot Messages provide actionable steps to loan officers and lender-side users when a payroll account becomes disconnected. The fix is often as easy as re-sending an invite to the borrower that let’s them re-authenticate in one click.

Easier troubleshooting and issue resolution means lenders can be more certain than ever that they are working with the most accurate data that meets their freshness requirements, both at initial verification and during re-verification.

Cc Your Team: Keep your colleagues in the know

Previously available only on Argyle Console, Argyle’s Cc Your Team feature has made its way to Encompass.

Now, lenders can easily coordinate income and employment verifications across multiple team members. Argyle will automatically provide a list of contacts associated with each loan file that can be selected, or lenders can provide standalone emails of team members they want notified when a verification report is available.

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