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Paycheck-linked lending

Let your users repay their loan directly from their paycheck. Instantly reduce the risk of late payments and default.

Ongoing payroll monitoring to track your user's repayments
Fast and easy integration so you can get back to your core business

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How It Works

Your borrower connects their payroll data so you can determine their loan eligibility.

Your Website or App

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Once approved, the borrower can seamlessly enable paycheck withholdings.

Your Website or App

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Allocate a specific amount each month to pay off a borrower's loan.
A user's payroll system is updated as soon as they tap “confirm”.
Get notified upon initial switch and if users' direct deposit information changes at a later time.


Require users to manually input payment details and navigate various ACH forms
Wait for days or weeks for changes to take effect.
No visibility into users’ direct deposit settings changes.

Flexible Integration

Embed Argyle directly into your app, or invite users to switch their deposit details via custom text and email-based invites.

Within your app

Let your users update their direct deposit information without ever leaving your application.

No-code user invitation

Send out customized invitations via SMS or email directly through Argyle Console.

  • Account connected

  • Switch confirmed


Stay in the know. Make better decisions with real-time updates.

Get notified when users connect their account, confirm their new direct deposit information, and more using webhooks available via Argyle's API.

Link and stay in the loop

Augment paycheck-linked lending with Argyle’s industry leading employment data.

Argyle’s 140+ fields of rich employment data, updated in real time, allow you to be notified of new jobs, pay raises, or terminations as soon as they happen.
Proactively encourage deposit switching for newly employed users, or know well in advance when the amount deposited in a user’s account is about to change.
Better Value
Save on usage fees when you combine Paycheck-Linked Lending with Verification of Income and Employment.

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Enterprise-grade security and compliance

We operate with the highest security and utmost transparency. We are Soc 2 Type 2 certified and more.

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