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Justin Stolzenberg


Argyle Welcomes Data Strategy Leader Ann Marie Dumais to Board of Advisors

Ann Marie brings decades of data strategy and verification experience that ensures Argyle's continuous alignment with the background check industry's needs.

We are thrilled to announce the addition of Ann Marie Dumais to Argyle’s board of advisors. 

Ann Marie’s appointment marks a significant stride towards bringing employment verification advancements to the background check industry. With her pronounced experience in data strategy and her knack for leading innovative products, her advisory role will further sharpen Argyle’s innovative edge in the employment verifications space.

A veteran in compliance and verification solutions

Ann Marie has a rich and diversified career, reflecting her deep-rooted commitment to enhancing verification processes and data strategy while fostering technological growth across various organizations.

During her tenure as senior vice president of data strategy at First Advantage, Ann Marie was one of the brains behind SmartHub™, a platform that harnesses the power of machine learning to smooth out verification workflows. Before this, as the VP of strategic programs, she solidified her knowledge in global background checks, diving into crucial areas like tax credit, compliance, drug and alcohol testing, and fingerprinting. 

“Consumer-permissioned verifications are a no-brainer for CRAs. The ability to further streamline the verification process while doubling profit margins makes it a win-win proposition. My choice to partner with Argyle, the leader in consumer-permissioned verifications, stems from their deep product flexibility, conversion rate, and data quality.”

Previously, Ann Marie served as the president and co-founder at Squared Watermelons, a SaaS-based agile learning provider. She also wore multiple hats at Nielsen, from senior vice president of global business services to VP of integrated marketing, where she led several initiatives to drive product innovation and enhance marketing strategies. 

Throughout her career, Ann Marie has showcased her capability as a versatile leader with strategic foresight, innovative thinking, and a hands-on approach to improving speed, quality, and cost-effectiveness in employment verifications.

We're confident Ann Marie’s expertise will be invaluable in fueling Argyle's continued growth. 

Led by distinguished industry experts

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