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Argyle Proudly Announces Jason Cave as Newest Advisor

Jason brings a legacy of banking regulation expertise and advocacy for innovation in housing finance that enhances our commitment to revolutionizing verifications in the mortgage industry.

We are thrilled to announce the addition of Jason Cave to Argyle's board of advisors.

Jason's distinguished career spans over three decades of dedicated service in U.S. banking regulation, culminating in his role as the chief fintech officer and deputy director at the Federal Housing Finance Agency's (FHFA) Division of Conservatorship Oversight and Readiness. 

Jason’s alignment with Argyle's mission and his forward-thinking approach to housing finance technology are poised to propel us toward new heights in the mortgage industry.

A transformative leader at the intersection of finance and technology

Jason's exceptional background in government—27 years at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) in numerous positions, along with his time at the FHFA—and his instrumental role in shaping international banking policies, notably as chairman of the Basel Committee’s task force on simplicity and comparability, have positioned him as a global leader and champion for housing finance innovation and post-crisis reform.

Jason’s entire career has been marked by a commitment to addressing the complexities of the banking and mortgage finance sectors through transformational solutions. 

As the architect behind the FHFA’s Office of Financial Technology in 2022 and its first annual Velocity tech sprint, Jason demonstrated his unique ability to inspire collaborative, technology-driven approaches to longstanding industry challenges: increasing access, fairness, affordability, and sustainability in mortgage lending. 

"Joining Argyle's advisory board is a continuation of my journey to support fintechs that are boldly addressing the banking and mortgage sectors' most deep-seated problems," said Jason. "Argyle's progress in making mortgages more secure and efficient is just the beginning. I'm excited to contribute to the wave of innovation that lies ahead."

Jason’s expertise and forward-looking perspective are invaluable as Argyle navigates the complexities of financial regulation and pursues groundbreaking advancements in the mortgage industry. His addition to the advisory board underscores Argyle’s commitment to leading the charge in mortgage verification and fraud prevention.

Fueling the future of mortgage verification

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