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Why Argyle Is Radical About Data Transparency

How and why we’ve embraced an open-book approach to employment data coverage

When we launched Argyle, we did so with the belief that there’s a better way to share employment data—one that puts control back in the hands of the users who own the employment data while optimizing accessibility and usability for businesses.

From the beginning, that has meant transparency in our business model and what we offer. In contrast to other employment data providers who buy and sell personal information without users’ consent or compensation, or make vague allusions to broad data coverage without providing concrete evidence to back up their claims, we’ve taken a different approach. We call it radical transparency

What is radical transparency?

Radical transparency isn’t just a willingness to provide information when asked. It’s the ongoing practice of putting our processes under the microscope and making as much information available as possible to our customers and their users.

It started with our commitment to user-permissioned data access, our unwavering stance on data privacy, and our push to create open employment data standards. Most recently, it has evolved into a proactive initiative to develop intuitive tools and mechanisms for accessing information around our products—the type of information our competitors generally withhold.

Our proof points

Here’s what we pledge to always be transparent about:

  • The specific data points we provide access to, organized by employer, gig platform, and payroll provider. You can trust us to get granular about data transparency.

  • What it takes to integrate, including everything your developers need to implement our plugin and ingest the data output.

  • End user activities. Link Analytics gives you a look under the hood to understand what your users are doing within Argyle Link (with real-time information on end-user actions as they move through the flow). It provides full transparency on events like Link Items searched for or conversion achieved and allows you to replay individual steps. In turn, insights provided by Link Analytics unlocks even more intelligent and tailored flows.

  • Sync times, or how long it takes to transfer a user’s employment data once an account is successfully linked, so you know what information you can reliably present to your users on what timeline.

  • Conversion rates for every employer, gig platform, and payroll provider we’re integrated with. We’ll even break it down by step in the link flow, so you have full visibility into the conversion funnel.

  • Error handling, or being as helpful as we can for both customers and users when something doesn’t work as expected. If, for example, a user isn’t able to successfully log in to or link their account, we don’t just make vague reference to an error. We make sure we are very clear and specific in the language we use to explain the problem, so all parties know exactly what happened and can better troubleshoot the issue.

An ongoing pledge

In other words, we are committed to providing all the information our customers and their users need to know about how Argyle works to make the best use of what we offer.

To see our radical transparency in action, learn more about our comprehensive coverage database, which breaks down, in detail, the employers, gig platforms, and payroll providers we link to, the data points you can access through each, and more. Or see it for yourself in action by signing up for a sandbox account. 

And as always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. We have answers and can’t wait to share them with you.