Data Delivery

When to expect data after a payroll connection.


Initial data retrieval begins immediately when a payroll account is connected. An account is considered connected once the login credentials a user provides through Link are authenticated to the respective payroll system.

Fact data—static information that tends to change less over time—is delivered soon after a payroll connection.

Event data—time-dependent information that can go back a number of years—is retrieved and delivered from most recent to least recent.

Some types of employment, gig work for example, contain a higher number of discrete events, which can increase the total delivery time. Argyle is limited by the data retrieval speeds a particular payroll system can support.


Data is collected in stages after a new account is connected.

Fact data is initially used to populate fields within Argyle's data sets. As event data is retrieved, previously populated fields are updated and refined, and new data is added to the relevant fields that were previously empty.

During the initial data retrieval process, .added webhooks (such as the identities.added webhook) are sent only once when the first field within a data set category is populated. As new data is retrieved, .updated webhooks will continue to be sent while data fields within a category are refined or populated.

Data values will continue to update until all data is retrieved and the users.fully_synced webhook is sent.


We recommend monitoring data delivery by subscribing via Console or via the API to the following webhooks:

  • The accounts.added webhook is sent when a user submits login credentials through Link.
  • The users.fully_synced webhook is sent when all data has been fully retrieved for every payroll account the user connected through Link.
  • The paystubs.partially_synced webhook is sent when paystubs going back a specified number of days have been retrieved.

Visit our API Reference to see a full list of available webhooks and their descriptions.

Example scenario#

You subscribe to the accounts.added, payouts.partially_synced, and users.fully_synced webhooks, and a user connects multiple payroll accounts through Link in the same session.

  • The accounts.added webhook is sent each time the user submits login credentials.
  • The paystubs.partially_synced webhook is sent for each account independently, after paystubs going back a specified number of days are retrieved.
  • The users.fully_synced webhook is sent only once after initial data retrieval has fully completed, and all data has been retrieved from every account the user connected.
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