How Argyle Works

Payroll connections unlock a lot of possibilities.


The first thing someone does when they get a new job is log in to their payroll account. Every time they plan a sick day, adjust their shift schedule, or monitor their pay and commissions, they need to log in again.

With the same login credentials, Argyle connects to the account to retrieve data and documents.

The income and employment data from the account is categorized into different data sets like identities, paystubs, and payroll documents, and made available online through Console, retrievable via our API, or restructured into PDF reports to streamline income and employment verifications.

Connecting accounts#

Login credential are submitted through Link, a customizable search interface where connecting all historical sources of income, whether from an employer, government entity, or third party payroll service, is as simple and fast as possible.

Link can be embedded in your website or application, sent through an email or text invite, or shared via a URL hyperlink.

Retrieving data and documents#

The first step for all implementations is to get started in Console, your hub for learning, implementing, and operating Argyle.

From there we'll walk you through it all:

  • Connecting accounts
  • Viewing payroll data and documents
  • Previewing the Link connection experience
  • Inviting the rest of your team and managing their access permissions

Extended features#

Deposit switching#

Beyond data and documents, payroll connections provide a direct way to see where payments are being sent. In Link, you can take it a step further by redirecting paychecks, in whole or in part, to a designated bank account.

Document upload#

Link supports directly uploading documents, including W-2s, 1099s, paystubs, proof of identity, proof of address, and a miscellaneous (re-namable) category of documents as well, for times when a key document is missing from a connected account. Documents can be uploaded in PDF or image format, or captured from a photo.

Next steps#

Explore the rest of our documentation or sign in to Console. We'll be there to answer any questions.

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