Link is where payroll connections are made.


Users connect their payroll accounts, make deposit switches, upload documents, and manage their connections in Link.

There are three ways to direct users to Link:

  • Create standalone shareable URL's that link your users to Argyle.
  • Send email or text invites using Console.
  • Embed Link on your website or in your iOS, Android, React Native, or Flutter applications.

Standard connection process#

Without any customizations, the standard payroll connection process in Link is as follows:

The user searches from a general list of potential incomes sources. This includes employers, government entities, and payroll services.

Our UI Toolkit (accessible via Console) in Figma provides screen mockups of the user experience in Link for common flows:

  • Verification of income and employment
  • Deposit switching
  • Paycheck-linked lending
  • Earned wage access

You can also preview and test different flows in the Flows section of Console.

Additional resources#

  • Visit our Workflows Guides to learn how to adjust Link's payroll account connection process, enable document upload, or add a deposit switch after an account connection.
  • Branding and customizing Link is discussed in our Flows Guides.
  • (Embedded Link) Create automations using Link Callbacks.
  • (Embedded Link) Capture how users interact with Link using our Tracking Guide.
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