Data Security

Protecting personal information is our top priority.

Permissioned access#

Argyle's consent-based model provides a mechanism for end users to share their payroll data with third-party entities. The payroll data is then made accessible to Argyle's customers through Argyle's Console platform or API service. Argyle retrieves a user's payroll information upon their request, using the login credentials the user provides through Argyle's Link portal.

Consult Argyle's privacy notice to learn more about how Argyle manages user data and privacy. Argyle shares and retains payroll data with a user's consent for no longer than necessary to fulfill the purposes described therein.

Data deletion requests#

Users can revoke access to their payroll accounts at any time through Link, by contacting Argyle support, or emailing us at [email protected]. Immediately when a user revokes access to a payroll account, data from that account will no longer be retrievable using Console or the API.

Security and compliance#

Rigorous standards#

Argyle uses rigorous encryption protocols, point-of-entry controls, and takes all necessary infrastructure precautions in our commitment to data privacy and security. We continuously adapt and evolve our processes to maintain compliance with the highest security and privacy standards.

Consult Security and compliance at Argyle for technical details regarding Argyle's encryption tools and protocols.

Best practices#

  1. Monitor data access permissions in Console.
  2. Maintain API key security best practices.
  3. Argyle periodically releases updates to its SDK's and Web plugins. These updates can include new functionalities, bug fixes, and security updates. For each new Link release, we recommend upgrading your SDK installation as soon as possible. Web plugins will automatically be upgraded without the need to take further action.

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