Console is where you learn about, manage, and operate Argyle.

Getting started#

If you haven't already, sign up to begin exploring Console first-hand.

We've designed Console in a way that walks you through how to:

  • Get started connecting accounts.
  • Select a Connection to view data and generate reports.
  • Invite someone, yourself, or a test user to connect an account through Link.
  • Use the Dashboard to monitor accounts, deposit switches, and view other metrics.
  • Find developer tools, including API keys.

Test mode#

When the "Sandbox mode" toggle at the top of Console is enabled, all of Console switches into a testing environment.

You can customize Link's payroll connection experience in Flows and test it on sample users, see the sample accounts appear in the Connections tab, and select a sample user to view their payroll data or generate a report. Or, head over to Settings to test out different email and text invite templates.

After testing, disable the "Sandbox mode" toggle to begin connecting real accounts.

Sections of Console#


  • See which employers and payroll platforms are the most selected.
  • Compare how many account connections and deposit switches have happened across different time periods.
  • Check which Link customizations have the highest connection success rate, and where users drop off.


  • Customize and preview account connections and deposit switches in Link.
  • Adjust Link to enable document uploading or bypass search to directly connect a user to a specific payroll login.


  • View successful and attempted account connections.
  • Invite and re-send invites, or check the status of a previously sent invite.
  • Monitor accounts to make sure they continue to be continuously scanned for new data.
  • Select a connected account to view payroll data, payroll documents, and generate reports.



  • Obtain and create API keys.
  • Subscribe to and manage automatic webhook notifications.
  • Integrate third party business systems.


  • Manage membership roles, billing, and access permissions.
  • Customize email and text invitations.

Get started#

  • Zoom out to learn more about different parts of Console and Argyle.

Contact support#

  • Select the ? to reach out if you need assistance.
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