Encompass® Makes Argyle Available for Automated Ordering
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Encompass® Makes Argyle Available for Automated Ordering

Now lenders that use Encompass can build an even more seamless and cost-effective VOI/E waterfall

Meeting mortgage lenders within their preferred loan origination system (LOS) is part of our ongoing commitment to offering Argyle customers a remarkable product experience. In service of that commitment, we’re happy to announce that Encompass® by ICE Mortgage Technology® released a new, totally automated way to use our direct-source Income & Employment Verification solution within its market-leading platform.

If you are part of a mortgage lending team that uses Encompass to originate and process loans, you can now configure your Encompass experience to automatically order a verification of income and employment report through Argyle whenever a loan file meets predetermined conditions of your choosing.

A powerful feature for driving efficiency

Automated Service Ordering is a pillar of Encompass’s automated workflows. Designed with efficiency and user experience in mind, it reduces manual workloads for lenders. Automated Service Ordering is not new to Encompass, but this is the first time Argyle is among the VOI/E providers you can choose from when opting in to this powerful feature.

Now that Automed Service Ordering includes Argyle, you can be confident that you are automating VOI/E for as many loan files as possible using the most trusted provider of direct-source income and employment verifications.

The benefit of automating income and employment verifications with Argyle is four-fold:

  1. Cost savings: Argyle is 60-80% less expensive for lenders compared to The Work Number and manual verifications. The more files you auto-verify with Argyle, the more money you save.

  2. Data quality: Argyle pulls complete data sets 95% of the time, and we do it straight from the system of record (borrowers’ payroll accounts). You get the most comprehensive and accurate VOI/E reports possible.

  3. Lower risk: Argyle is an authorized report supplier for Fannie Mae’s Desktop Underwriter®. When you use Argyle as part of the Day 1 Certainty® program, you are eligible for relief from certain representations and warranties.

  4. Document retrieval: Argyle doesn’t just generate VOI/E reports; it also collects borrowers’ required income documentation, including paystubs and W2s.

Learn more about Argyle’s integration with Encompass.

Setting up Automated Service Ordering

You can add Argyle as a provider to your Automated Service Ordering configuration by logging in to Encompass Web® with an administrator account. From there, the Encompass administrator within your organization will be able to define the readiness conditions that trigger an automated Argyle verification. Conditions may include the loan type, the presiding loan officer, the presence of certain data fields, and more. 

Setup is fast and easy. Visit our docs for a comprehensive guide. Otherwise, don’t hesitate to reach out to your account representative or the larger Argyle team if you have any questions about automating your Argyle experience within Encompass.