Argyle Product Update: November 2023
Anaid Chacón

Anaid Chacón


Argyle Product Update: November 2023

Better user experiences, diverse connection options, and noteworthy announcements—that’s just a peek into what we have in store.

The past few weeks have given us a lot to be thankful for. Argyle has collaborated with some amazing organizations and honed our product further than ever. Let’s dig into what’s new, including our latest conversion drivers and customization features, and how they can help you achieve your business goals.

Passwordless logins boost conversion

Argyle now offers a simple, password-free way for your customers to log in to their payroll accounts.

By offering your customers the ability to connect their account without having to remember their password, we’re not only improving their experience, we’re facilitating even more connections. Among those who choose the passwordless login flow, we’re already seeing an incredible 60% lift in conversion.

Our passwordless login flows are now available for ADP, our largest integration, with more to come in the future.

Greater customization and flexibility within Argyle Console

Personalize invitations to your customers within Argyle Console. Our new shareable URLs and customizable templates will speed up your time to market and improve customer experience:

  • Shareable URLs offer a new way for customers to start using Argyle quickly and flexibly. Get started by easily creating shareable URLs that lead your customers to a branded and customizable Argyle account connection experience. Use these URLs in your customer outreach or offer an embedded Argyle experience through your product or website—whichever option best serves your purpose, no development resources required. To learn more, visit Argyle Docs.

  • Multiple email and SMS templates give you a range of options to invite your customers to connect through Argyle Console. This way, you can tailor your communications based on specific products and brands in your portfolio, as well as cater to different stages of the customer life cycle. To learn more, visit Argyle Docs.

Certified data quality through Day 1 Certainty®

Argyle has become the first consumer-permissioned authorized report supplier for Fannie Mae's Desktop Underwriter® validation service, a part of Day 1 Certainty®. This designation represents a significant milestone for direct-source data, and Fannie Mae's approval is a testament to Argyle's data quality and completeness. For mortgage lenders, it marks an incredible opportunity to continue streamlining their operations while also lowering their loan buyback risk at 60-80% of the cost.

Read our official announcement to learn more.

Unlock faster, lower-cost loan cycles with Argyle on Encompass

Our latest partnership enables lenders who use Encompass® by ICE Mortgage Technology® to unlock the efficiencies and cost-savings of direct-source income and employment verifications.

This integration gives operations and loan officer teams access to our Income & Employment Verification solution within the Encompass platform, ensuring a totally seamless direct-source VOI/VOE experience.

To learn more about Argyle’s integration with Encompass®, read the official announcement.

We’re building for you. If you have suggestions or questions, we’re happy to help.

Get in touch with our team if you have inquiries about our latest features, want updates on what we're developing next, or need additional support. To learn what else we’ve been up to recently, head over to the Argyle blog.