Loan Origination Systems

Automate income and employment verifications.

Integrating Argyle into your Loan Origination System (LOS) can transform your verification of income and employment process into a one-click workflow for your loan processors:

  1. Message is sent to the borrower inviting them to connect their payroll accounts.
  2. Income and employment data and documents are retrieved by Argyle.
  3. Borrower information is transferred to and can be accessed through your LOS.

This guide walks you through the implementation:

Invite template setup#

You can brand and individually personalize the template message, landing page, and payroll connection experience for borrowers using either:

  • The Argyle API code
  • Console no-code

Additional flows in Link can be added through Console. For example, a document upload flow can serve as an alternative income and employment verification option for borrowers that are unable to locate or connect their payroll accounts.

Invite messages can be sent via Console or the API as an email, SMS, or both. The invite messages will contain the URL link borrowers can click to begin connecting payroll accounts through Argyle.

Stay notified#

Once an applicant has successfully connected their payroll accounts, Argyle will begin retrieving their income and employment data and documents.

You can choose to receive notifications to keep track of where applicants are in their account connection process and the status of data delivery. Argyle uses webhooks to deliver these notifications, which can be subscribed to through Console or the API.

We recommend subscribing to the users.fully_synced webhook to be notified when an applicant has successfully connected their payroll accounts and their data is fully available.

If you added a document upload flow to the connection process, subscribing to the user_documents.submitted webhook will inform you when the applicant uploads employment documents.

Retrieve the data#

Once an applicant's data has been retrieved, it can be accessed entirely through either:

  • The Argyle API code
  • Console no-code

You can fully automate transferring the applicant's information to your LOS by waiting for the users.fully_synced webhook to be delivered and then fetching and passing the data from the Argyle API.

Essential data fields#

Data fieldsTypeConsole LocationAPI Location
(PDF) Income & Employment Verification (VOIE) Report
Income totals: gross, base, overtime, commission, bonus, net, taxes
Summary informationReportsReports
(PDF) Employment Verification (VOE) ReportSummary informationReportsReports
Time account was last updatedAccount informationHeaderAccounts
First name, last name, SSN, birth date, address, marital statusProfile informationIdentitiesIdentities
Employer, employment status, job title, hire date, termination dateEmployment information  IdentitiesIdentities
Employer addressEmployment informationPaystubsPaystubs
Last payout date (from the most recent paystub)Income informationPaystubsPaystubs
(Retrieved files and data)
— W-2s, 1099s, paystubs, proof of identity, proof of address, and miscellaneous documents
Document informationPaystubs + Payroll DocumentsPaystubs + Payroll Documents
(Uploaded files and Ocrolus OCR data)
— W-2s, 1099s, paystubs, proof of identity, proof of address, and miscellaneous documents
Document informationUploaded DocumentsUser Uploads
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