Error Codes

Link errors: common causes and troubleshooting.


When a user encounters an error in Link, they are shown an error screen that displays suggestions for resolving the particular issue. For easier troubleshooting, we recommend you include the onError callback in your Link initialization.

The onError callback returns:

1LinkError (
2    "userId": String,           // ID of the user
3    "errorType": String (enum), // Error name
4    "errorMessage": String,     // User message
5    "errorDetails": String      // Error details


The Callback experience type was selected for "If no results" when customizing a Link Flow, but the onCantFindItemClicked callback was not included in the Link initialization.


The user's selected employer or payroll provider does not support deposit switching.


Link was initialized with an expired user token, or the user token expired during the Link session.


An unexpected error occurred. We are looking into it.


The provided dds_config is not compatible with the selected employer or payroll system. Incompatibility may be due to some systems allowing only amount allocations, others only percent allocations, while others limit the maximum number of allowed allocations (max_value).


An invalid accountId was used for direct login to an existing account when initializing Link.


The ddsConfig provided when initializing Link for a deposit switch is invalid.


  • Direct login was used for an Item that does not exist.
  • Link search was constrained to Items that do not exist.
  • Link was initialized with the optional items initialization parameter but an empty array was present.


The user token provided in the Link initialization was not valid.

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