Application Autofill

Improve your customer experience by autofilling forms with payroll data.

We'll be updating our Sample App Github repositories for API v2 and Link 5 in 2023 Q4.


Name, date of birth, address, current employer, and 160+ additional real-time data fields can be accessed with Argyle.

Once a user connects their payroll accounts, you can pre-populate any form or application they encounter. This speeds up your conversion process and minimizes input errors.

Application Autofill#

Application Autofill is a sample app that demonstrates this streamlined application process in action:

  • One button at the top of the form invites users to connect their payroll accounts.
  • One simple process to connect with just a username and password.
  • One autofilled application for the user to review.

Demo Application Autofill in your browser, or visit our Github repository to clone and test Application Autofill in your local development environment.

Connect once, autofill everywhere#

Argyle's 160+ data fields can be used to complete a user's profile, autofill a variety of forms and applications, pull in banking information, and more.

Here are just a few of the key data fields Argyle makes available:

  • Identity information, which includes:

    • Profile details such as first name, last name, date of birth, email, phone number, address, profile photo, gender, and marital status.
    • Employment details such as employer name, job title, salary, and even their typical currency.
  • Bank account information including banks names, account numbers, routing numbers, and account types.

Next steps#

Demo Application Autofill in your browser, clone it from our Github repository, or visit our other Sample Apps to see more of what you can do with user-permissioned income and employment data available through Argyle.

Contact us or reach out to your Customer Success Manager, an Account Executive, or the Support Team for more details on Application Autofill or getting started with Argyle.

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