Employer Search

Autofill your applications with standardized employer names and payroll data.


Employer Search is a sample Github project that shows Argyle seamlessly integrated within a form or application.

We also maintain a simplified "minimal setup" Employer Search Github project, streamlined for faster implementations.

  • Applicants are suggested employers and payroll providers covered by Argyle based on their free-text search inputs, and then directly connected to their selection's respective login screen in Link to establish a payroll connection.
  • The standardized name of their chosen employer or payroll provider, and the payroll data retrieved from the connection, can be used to autofill and streamline the remainder of their application.

How it works#


Applicants are first suggested employers in Link based on their free-text inputs.

If the applicant finds a matching employer, they are directly connected to that employer's payroll connection screen in Link, where they can enter their login information and connect their payroll account.

Payroll providers#

If the applicant cannot find their employer, they can then free-text search through all payroll providers available in Link or choose from a list of suggested payroll providers.

After making a selection, they are guided through the payroll provider's login process in Link.

Some payroll providers directly accept and handle login information, while others will suggest a list of employers that use their platform, further guiding the applicant to the correct payroll connection screen.

Document upload#

If the applicant cannot find either their employer or payroll provider, they can instead manually upload Paystubs, W-2, and 1099 documents through Link as a fallback option.

Third party OCR processors can also be integrated with Argyle, allowing you to programmatically retrieve data scanned from uploaded documents and autofill your applications.


Visit our Flows Guides to further customize Employer Search and the user's experience in Link, including which payroll providers are suggested or substituting alternatives to the document upload fallback such as redirecting the user back to their application.

Next steps#

With Argyle's Employer Search, you can standardize applicants' employer names with an inline, auto-complete field that utilizes Argyle's database, combined with the Fortune 10k list and payroll service providers registered with the IRS. Users also benefit from being directly connected to a matching employer or payroll provider in Link, simplifying the payroll connection process and optimizing conversion.

This saves your operations team significant time and effort in chasing down employment and income data, letting them focus on helping customers through the application and approval processes.

Demo the Employer Search application in your browser today, or visit our Github repository to clone and test the application in your local development environment.

For assistance, reach out to your respective Customer Success Manager, Account Executive or [email protected].

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