Returning Users

Learn how and when to return users to Link for additional actions.

We'll be updating our Sample App Github repositories for API v2 and Link 5 in 2023 Q4.


Users connect their payroll accounts via Argyle through our front-end application, Link.

There may be times when you want to allow users to return to Link to take additional actions, such as:

Returning Users sample app#

You can find a live demo of how users experience the Argyle Link reconnection process in our Returning Users sample app.

Click here to explore the Returning Users sample app in your browser, or visit our Github repository to clone and test the sample app in your local development environment.

For more information on account reconnections and returning users to Link, visit our Workflow Guides including our Reconnecting Accounts Guide.

Direct account re-connections#

You can bypass allowing the user to connect additional accounts or having to select an existing account before taking further action by using Link's direct login process for existing accounts.

Next steps#

Demo the Returning Users sample app in your browser, clone it from our Github repository, or visit our other Sample Apps to see more demos and sample applications made using Argyle.

Reach out to your Customer Success Manager, an Account Executive, or the Support Team for help connecting and re-connecting users through Argyle.

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