Unit Pay Connector

Implement a solution for payment reconciliation with Argyle.

The Unit Pay Connector sample app creates virtual accounts for payment reconciliation purposes. If you are utilizing Argyle for paycheck-linked lending, you can use this connector to reconcile payments from multiple payroll providers and attribute them to the correct borrowers.


This sample app utilizes Unit, a banking-as-a-service platform that lets you embed powerful financial features into your product. You will need to sign up for a Unit account to implement this sample app. Your Argyle Customer Success Manager can guide you through the Unit onboarding process so you can get up and running quickly.

Connect payroll accounts#

Unit Pay Connector fits seamlessly into a workflow for account connection between Argyle Link—a front-end UI element that allows users to grant your application access to their payroll accounts—and a banking application. See the example below to understand how your users can connect their employer or payroll accounts with Link so you can reconcile payments.

Access payroll data and make a deposit switch#

Once a user has connected their employer or payroll account via Link, you can retrieve their employment data via the Argyle API for loan decisions. You can initialize Link for deposit switching after you have approved a loan.

Once you have approved the loan, a new deposit account with account and routing numbers is generated via the Unit API. You can now see this account in the Unit dashboard.

Deposit switch confirmation#

Following loan approval and deposit account creation, the Unit Pay Connector generates a new target deposit destination that includes the bank account settings. This configuration is automatically assigned to the user's employment or payroll provider account:

The user selects Confirm to accept the deposit account:

Loan installments are now automatically deducted from the user's payroll. Once the loan is repaid, you can remove the bank account.

Next steps#

Visit the Unit Connector Github repository to clone and test the application in your local development environment.

For more details, reach out to your respective Customer Success Manager, Account Executive or the Support team.

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