Users connect their payroll accounts using Link.


"User" is the Argyle term for someone who connects their payroll accounts through Link.

In most contexts "user" is interchangeable with borrower, loan applicant, or employee.

Connecting new users#

There are two ways to direct users to Link, where they can connect their payroll accounts:

  1. Embed Link and route new users through your website or application.
  2. Invite new users via text or email, using either Console's send invites feature or the API's /invites endpoint.

Returning users#

Argyle makes it easy to allow users to return to Link in order to:

  • Connect additional payroll accounts
  • Re-authorize an existing connection
  • Revoke access at any time to a connected account

For more information, visit our dedicated Reconnecting Accounts guide.

Viewing users#


Navigate to the Connections section of Console. From there, you can filter all users or select individual users to display Argyle's data sets and generate reports.


There are two API endpoints related to users:

  • /users — retrieve information for a single user, or a list of users.
  • /invites — send invites or retrieve information on sent invites.

External identifiers#

External identifiers such as Loan Applicant #319 can be attached to users.

You can search or filter users by their external identifier via the API or within the main Connections table of Console, where external identifiers will also appear below the name of individual users.

How to add external identifiers to users:


  • New users — use the optional External id input field when sending invites.

    You can toggle External id to be a required invite field within Console settings.

  • Existing users — select an individual user within the Connections section of Console, click on the three vertical dots in the upper-right, and select Add external ID.


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