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Point of Sale Systems

Connect borrowers through Argyle to unlock income and employment data and documents.


When you add Argyle to your Point of Sale (POS) system, borrowers can connect their payroll accounts by providing their login credentials.

Argyle retrieves the borrowers' income and employment data and documents, which are standardized into 160+ data fields and made available through Argyle's data platform.

With every payroll system being unique, and documents often taking borrowers weeks to find, Argyle saves time and can help in:

  • Pre-qualifying borrowers with up-to-date income information
  • Streamlining the application process, unlocking the ability to pre-populate your forms to minimize input error and speed up the conversion process
  • Post-application verification, allowing you to confirm income and employment information the borrower has submitted, and re-verify borrower information when necessary
  • Upgrading your LOS system, letting your loan processors retrieve data and documents quickly and easily

Get started with our implementation guide below.

Add Argyle to your POS#

Argyle can be embedded directly into your POS system, so borrowers can connect their payroll accounts all from within your website or application.

You can customize the appearance of the connection screens, add additional features such as document upload, view the status of each borrower, and even retrieve all data and documents using Argyle Console.

Argyle Console is a website available after sign-up that serves as your central hub. In addition to storing customizations and your list of connected borrowers, you can always preview sample data and test the connection process in Sandbox Mode.

Return to POS after connection#

Once a borrower has successfully connected their payroll accounts through Argyle, our callback functions let you automate transitioning the borrower back to your POS system.

Retrieving data and documents#

Once a borrower's data and documents have been retrieved, they can be accessed entirely through either:

You can also integrate Argyle into your Loan Origination System (LOS). Visit our LOS implementation guide to learn more.

Re-verification of borrowers#

You can re-verify a borrower's income or employment status at any time using Argyle.

Additionally, Verification of Income and Employment (VOIE) and Verification of Employment (VOE) reports can be generated depending on your needs and where you are in the lending process.

Checking connection status#

The status of a borrower's connected payroll accounts is shown at the top of the borrower's profile page in Argyle Console. The account object's connection status can also be retrieved using Argyle's API.

If a borrower's payroll account has become disconnected, they can be deep-linked directly to the disconnected account for re-connection, ensuring their information is up-to-date.

Notifications for changes#

If a borrower's income or employment data changes, or new documents are uploaded to their payroll account, you can choose to receive notifications to be updated in real-time.

Argyle uses webhooks to deliver these notifications, which can be subscribed to and received through either:

We recommend subscribing to the following webhooks:

  • users.fully_synced notifies you when Argyle has finished retrieving data and documents for all accounts connected by a borrower
  • payouts.added notifies you when a new paystub has been added to the borrower's payroll account, and the data and file are available
  • payouts.partially_synced can be configured with “days synced” specified to notify you when payout data is available going back a specified number of days
  • employment.updated notifies you if there is a change in the borrower's employment status

Relevant data fields#

Data FieldsTypeConsole LocationAPI Location
(PDF) Income & Employment Verification Reportsummary informationReportsReports
(PDF) Employment Verification Reportsummary informationReportsReports
time account was last updatedaccount information   HeaderAccounts
first name, last name, SSN, birth date, address, martial statusprofile informationProfilesProfiles
employer, employment status, job title, hire date, termination dateemployment informationEmploymentsEmployments
employer addressemployment informationPayoutsPayouts
last payout date (for their most recent paystub)income informationPayoutsPayouts
total yearly income including total gross pay, base pay, overtime pay, commission pay, bonus pay, net pay, and taxesincome informationIncome TotalsIncome totals
(File and data)
W-2, 1099, and paystub documents from payroll accounts
document informationPayouts (paystubs)
Documents (W-2 and 1099)
Payouts (paystubs)
Documents (W-2 and 1099)
(File and third party OCR data)
W-2, 1099, and paystub documents uploaded by the applicant
document informationUploaded documentsForms
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