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Argyle Open Network (Beta)

Learn how to integrate your payroll platform with Argyle.

Initiate integration#

To integrate your payroll platform with Argyle Open Network, provide:

  1. How users authenticate to your payroll platform.
  2. The mappings and location of income and employment data.

You can submit this information by sending a POST request to https://integrations.argyle.com/api/v1/spec with this information in the request body as the “specification payload”:

1curl --request POST \
2     --url https://integrations.argyle.com/api/v1/spec \
3     --header 'accept: application/json' \
4     --header 'content-type: application/json' \
5     --data '
6      {
7          "specification payload goes here"
8      }
9      '

You will receive the below notification when you have successfully submitted your specification:

1Specification received. Thank you.

You can submit an updated specification as many times as needed. We will incorporate the most recent version that has been submitted.

Contact us after successfully submitting your integration, or to let us know if you have any questions.

Specification payload#

Include a name for your payroll integration in the specification payload:

integrationstringName of the integration.required

User authentication#

Include information on how users authenticate to your payroll platform in an auth object in the specification payload. Argyle will authenticate users on their behalf to your payroll platform with this information. Use the comment fields to provide additional information if needed.

auth.request.urlstringURL to submit user credentials for authentication.required
auth.request.methodstringHTTP request method for submitting user credentials (typically POST, GET, PUT, or PATCH).required
auth.request.commentstringFurther information advising how to make HTTP requests on your platform.optional
auth.methodstringHTTP authentication method for submitting user credentials.

auth.commentstringFurther information advising how to authenticate HTTP requests on your platform.optional

Data mapping#

Include information on the mappings and location of income and employment data in a mappings object in the specification payload. The mappings object should contain an array of objects, each of which should include:

mappings.urlstringURL of the endpoint where the income and employment data fields are provided.required
mappings.providesobjectAn array of data field names provided at the endpoint.required
mappings.commentstringFurther information you can provide about your data schema.optional

We will map your data fields to Argyle's data schema, which consists of 160+ income and employment data fields. Upon user consent, Argyle will retrieve requested income and employment data from your payroll platform.

If your security policy limits outgoing traffic, ensure that your conditions allow for API calls by whitelisting all outgoing traffic from Argyle. These two content sources would need to be included at minimum:

1<meta http-equiv="Content-Security-Policy"
2        content="connect-src https://*.argyle.com; worker-src 'self' blob: "/>

Next steps#

Argyle will contact you in connection with completing the integration with your platform. You can also contact us if you have any questions.

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