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Income Visualizer

Transform the way you look at Argyle data.

We'll be updating our Sample App Github repositories for API v2 and Link 5 in 2023 Q3.

Income Visualizer offers functional, interactive dashboards that demonstrate how Argyle data can be visualized to unlock real-time insights. Display income and employment information collected from multiple sources at a glance, and boost decision-making with filterable, customizable charts and graphs.

Demo Income Visualizer in your browser, or visit our Github repository to clone and test Income Visualizer in your local development environment.

Income overview#

The first charts in Income Visualizer provide an earnings analysis. Here you can quickly get a general income overview and see how income is distributed across multiple sources.

Hourly information#

With Argyle, you can retrieve hourly work information and make hourly rate calculations for different types of employments from data available through the API's /activities endpoint.

The ability to compare across work activities such as gig work, standard shift work, and freelance contracts can lead to valuable user suggestions, such as whether to take another shift with a stable hourly rate or spend that time as an independent contractor.

Digital paystubs#

Argyle provides the digital equivalent of traditional paystubs. Now it is easier than ever to display important pay information, with every line-item available to analyze and restructure in a way that serves your purposes.

Income Visualizer shows how pay across income sources can be combined and viewed in separate components.

Filter by time period#

Toggle between views across relevant time periods using Income Visualizer, supported by granular data from Argyle.

Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly views are available depending on your chosen range. For example, selecting to view the last 4 weeks introduces weekly and daily display options.

Next steps#

Income Visualizer is meant to showcase the possibilities of using Argyle data.

Check it out here in your browser, clone it from our Github repository, or explore our other Sample Apps.

Contact us or reach out to your Customer Success Manager, an Account Executive, or the Support Team for more details on Income Visualizer or getting started with Argyle.

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