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Taylor Harvey

Taylor Harvey


Building the Best Documentation Experience

We've reimagined our Docs to make it easier than ever to build with Argyle

At Argyle, we see our Docs as another product that empowers customers to make the most of our API. Like any product, the first iteration should never be your last. That’s why we are pleased to share our new and improved Argyle Docs.

Why build strong documentation?

We put a lot of thought, time and effort into building the best payroll API on the market, delivering an amazing experience for anyone using Argyle. This experience includes Argyle Link, Console, our API, and any touch point you have with us, such as Customer Success. One of the most critical touchpoints, often overlooked by other Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies, is technical documentation. 

Technical documentation is the map both new and returning users rely on to get the most out of a product. Whether it is getting set up, troubleshooting, or implementing a new feature, documentation is the unsung hero of customer experience. 

How we took Docs to the next level

We get a lot of compliments from customers about our Docs, yet as with any product, there are always areas for improvement. So we took a critical look at Docs and saw areas where we could elevate the experience further: 

Updated design that’s easier to navigate

The most obvious change to those familiar with Argyle Docs will be the updated look and feel. We cut the clutter and made each page easier to navigate, so you can find what you need quickly. We’ve also greatly improved the search experience.

Now when you search in Argyle Docs you will see more precise results and will be taken directly to where the relevant term is mentioned (and highlighted) on a selected page. All of this helps you find the information you need even faster than before. 

An interactive API reference

Many technical documentation libraries suffer from being too wordy. At Argyle, we wanted to offer an interactive experience that lets developers explore our API directly within Docs. Now developers can test Argyle API endpoints in the Docs, helping them learn how the API works and speeding up implementation. Additionally, our documentation now supports an extensive programming language library, allowing developers to tailor the experience to the language they use. 

These requests need to be secure, therefore we ask for your Sandbox API key and API secret, which can be found in Console. Using your own key and secret allows you to test your Sandbox implementation and data without leaving our site. After exploring, you can take your learnings directly from Docs and apply them to your Argyle implementation.

More engaging to a wider audience

While many technical documentation websites are designed exclusively for developers, at Argyle we know that many people are looking for answers in documentation. Our new Docs organization caters to many different audiences and provides the right amount of information at the right time for each reader: 

  • Solutions: A great place to start for insight on use cases and to help plan your Argyle implementation without getting into too many technical details. Anyone from a Chief Revenue Officer to a product manager to a developer might come here for conceptual guidance.

  • Guides: Ready to dive deeper into how you can set up different features, learn low-level details, and understand best practices? Guides have a technical focus and our target audience is developers, though we expect business users might poke around as well.

  • References: Time for the technical nitty gritty. The API reference covers all endpoints, describes their parameters, and allows developers to test endpoints directly in Docs. The webhooks reference describes all webhook events, including their configuration details and payloads. The Link reference describes all Link configuration parameters and callbacks. This section is designed specifically for developers and those committing code. 

We are also launching quick video explainers in Docs that break down core Argyle features in bite size pieces (each video is only a minute long). These are a great primer for anyone to watch, and readers who want to learn more can dive right into the Guide that follows. Check out our Link Customizer and Console videos and let us know what video you would like to see next!

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