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Get started in Argyle Console, your hub for managing Argyle.

Argyle Console is your hub for overseeing and managing your Argyle implementation. Use Console to test and customize your Argyle Link flow, view connected accounts, generate reports, and much more.

Access Console by visiting console.argyle.com. If you haven't signed up yet, get started for free.

How Console is organized#

Quickly navigate Console using the left-hand side panel, which organizes everything needed to manage your Argyle instance into the following areas:

HomeView activity and conversion dashboards for activated and monitored user accounts.
Argyle LinkTest and customize Argyle Link using Emulator and Customizer. View Argyle's Coverage and payroll systems statuses.
Your usersSee all connected payroll accounts, including account statuses and associated income and employment data.
DevelopersAccess API and Link keys needed to implement Argyle and configure webhooks.
SettingsConfigure your profile and company details, view and assign Console roles across your team members, and manage your billing and plan details.

Sandbox and Production modes#

You can use Console in two modes:

  • Sandbox mode: Test Argyle by connecting sample accounts that contain simulated employment data.
  • Production mode: View real connected accounts.

Visit our Sandbox guide to learn how to use Argyle's sandbox environment.

Toggle between Sandbox and Production modes in the top-left corner of Argyle Console.

Member roles and permissions#

Member roles allow you to manage which of your team members are able to view sensitive information in Argyle Console.

View and edit roles by visiting Console's Settings page and selecting the Console members tab. See what capabilities are available to each role below:

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