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Power your earned wage access solution with Argyle.

We'll be updating our Sample App Github repositories for API v2 and Link 5 in 2023 Q3.

Click here to explore EWA App in your browser, or visit our Github repository to clone and test EWA App in your local development environment.

What is earned wage access?#

Earned wage access (EWA) is a financial solution that gives workers advanced access to income they have already earned, or are expected to earn based on their income history, before their regular payday.

With over 50% of people in the U.S. reporting that they are living paycheck-to-paycheck, on-demand access to income offers:

  • Financial flexibility in case of emergency or unexpected expenses
  • Help in avoiding costly overdraft fees or high interest loans
  • Peace of mind and increased financial stability

Enhanced EWA with payroll access#

Argyle offers direct connections to payroll accounts. This lets you:

  • View historical income and receive ongoing updates for new payouts.
  • View completed shifts or gig work activities and their associated wages.
  • Re-direct future paychecks through Argyle's deposit switching solution, and receive notifications if a user changes where their paycheck is sent.

Argyle's payroll, activity, and deposit information and capabilities can give your EWA solution an edge, letting you offer the best rates and options for your users.

EWA App demonstrates how Argyle's payroll connection and deposit switching flows can be integrated directly into your EWA application.

Set your income requirements#

On the first screen of EWA App, select the minimum income and job tenure requirements needed to offer EWA to a new user.

Onboard a new user#

The demo begins by explaining the benefits of early pay and the actions the user needs to take during onboarding. The overview helps guide the user and maximize your conversion rate.

The user is then routed through Argyle Link where they can search for and connect their payroll accounts.

If the payroll information from the user's connected accounts meets the minimum criteria set at the start of EWA App, the user is guided to Argyle's deposit switching screen, a one-click process to re-direct their entire paycheck to your bank account.

If the minimum criteria is not met, the user can go back and connect additional payroll accounts.

Payouts from already earned wages#

After successfully connecting their payroll accounts and re-directing their paycheck, the user can choose On-demand payment to receive payment for already-earned wages while on the Early Pay tab.

Payouts based on monthly income#

The user can also choose One-time payment to receive a larger amount of advanced pay based on their historical monthly income on the Early Pay tab.

History, income, and settings#

The remaining application tabs let the user:

  • View early pay they have received on the History tab.
  • View their earned income on the Income tab.
  • View which payroll accounts they have connected (selecting a connected account can be used to return a user to Argyle Link to take additional action), and manage and automate their early pay on the Settings tab.

Next steps#

Click here to explore EWA App in your browser, clone it from our Github repository, or visit our other Sample Apps.

Reach out to your Customer Success Manager, an Account Executive, or the Support Team for more details on EWA App or getting started with Argyle.

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