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Integrating your VOIE solution.

This guide covers the technical implementation of Argyle's VOIE solution, to get you up and running quickly so you can...

  • Verify income and employment with real-time data
  • ...where data is sourced directly from your applicants' payroll providers
  • ...in order to increase your conversion, reduce risk, and lower costs for your business.

After initial sign-up, access Argyle Console and navigate to Settings in the left sidebar. Make your first customization of Argyle Link by uploading your company name and logo from the Company details tab.

Argyle Link is the portal through which your applicants connect their payroll accounts.

  • Follow the steps below to embed Argyle Link in your website or application.
  • Alternatively, you can use Argyle Console to invite applicants via text or email. The invitation will include a URL that will connect the applicant to Argyle Link directly.

Visit our embedding Link guides for Web, iOS, Android, and React Native to see how to include optional configuration parameters such as callbacks and search limits.

Basic configurations:

1<!DOCTYPE html>
5    <meta charset="utf-8" />
9    <script src="https://plugin.argyle.com/argyle.web.v3.js"></script>
10    <script type="text/javascript">
11     const argyle = Argyle.create ({
12        linkKey: 'YOUR_LINK_KEY', // Found in Argyle Console
13        apiHost: 'https://api-sandbox.argyle.com/v1', // Sandbox testing environment
14        userToken: 'USER_TOKEN' // Used to authenticate users
15     })
16     argyle.open()
17    </script>

Link Keys — Link keys connect your embedded instance of Argyle Link to your Argyle account. Your Sandbox and Production link keys can be found in the Link key section of Argyle Console. Make sure the type of link key in your configuration matches the environment.

Environment — Argyle Link can run in two types of environments: Sandbox mode (for testing) or Production mode (for connecting real payroll accounts).

  • Sandbox configurations use https://api-sandbox.argyle.com/v1
  • Production configurations use https://api.argyle.com/v1

User tokens — Argyle utilizes user tokens to authenticate users (your applicants).

Connect test accounts#

In Argyle Link, your applicant would search for their employers or payroll providers and enter their login credentials to connect their accounts. Once successfully connected, Argyle retrieves the data from the connected payroll accounts and makes it available through Console or the API.

When the Sandbox environment is used, you can connect sample users to different payroll accounts through your embedded instance of Argyle Link (or Flows in Console) using the test credentials below:

Verification code808180828083
Phone number(800) 900-0010(800) 900-0020(800) 900-0030
Driver's license #D1230010D1230020D1230030

If a login field does not match one of the fields above, the closest field can be used. For example, a username value can be used for a "UserID" login field.

The sample data returned depends on what type of payroll account (gig or non-gig) was connected in the Sandbox environment.

View data retrieval status#

Argyle begins data retrieval immediately when a payroll account is successfully connected. The time it takes for all data to finish syncing depends on the length of employment:

When viewing data in Console (by clicking on an individual user within the Connections page), spinning status circles will indicate if data is still syncing for a new payroll connection.

You can also monitor the progress of data retrieval by using the accounts API endpoint and checking the status field of the availability object. We recommend including the optional onAccountConnected callback in your Link configuration to make automating this process easier.

Retrieve payroll data#

If you are using Console to retrieve payroll data, navigate to the Connections page and click on an individual user to view data from their connected payroll accounts.

If you are using the API to retrieve payroll data, visit our API Reference for more information.

Simulate a data update#

For real payroll accounts connected using the Production environment, Argyle periodically scans for any new available data and makes it available through Console or the API.

For testing purposes, you can manually simulate a data update in Sandbox via the API.

The steps below will return 1-5 new payouts and activities for the payroll account of a Sandbox test user.

  1. Send a POST request with an empty body to https://api-sandbox.argyle.com/v1/accounts/<account_id>/periodic_scan

  2. Swap out the <account_id> in the request with the ID of the Sandbox account you want to receive the new data

This method is often used for webhook testing.

Set up notifications#

Argyle uses webhooks to notify you when different events occur, such as a new payroll account connection or new data becoming available for an already connected payroll account.

You can subscribe to webooks from the webhooks page in Console, or using the API.

We recommend subscribing to the following webhooks to get started:

  • accounts.connected notifies you when a payroll account connection attempt is successful.
  • accounts.failed lets you know if a connection attempt failed, and provides error details for the event.
  • employments.added will notify you if a user's employment information changes, for example as a result of them switching jobs or a change in their base pay.
  • payouts.partially_synced notifies you when pay data is available for a specified number of days_synced — one month, one year, or two years, for example.

Visit our Webhooks Reference for a full list of available webhooks.

Going live#

When you are ready to transition from Sandbox testing to connecting real payroll accounts in Production mode, make the following adjustments:

If you are using Argyle Console to send invites and view payroll data, simply flip the toggle switch in the upper left.

  1. Adjust your Argyle Link configuration to use https://api.argyle.com/v1 instead of https://api-sandbox.argyle.com/v1

  2. Swap the Sandbox link key to the Production link key in your Argyle Link configuration

  3. Make API requests to https://api.argyle.com/v1 instead of https://api-sandbox.argyle.com/v1

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