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Learn how Argyle Link enables your users to connect their payroll accounts and share their income and employment data.

Argyle Link is a front-end element that your users interact with to connect their payroll accounts and grant you access to their income and employment data, which you can later access via the Argyle API or Argyle Console.

Argyle Link manages credential validation, multi-factor authentication, and error handling for each employer, gig platform, and payroll provider that Argyle supports. Link can be integrated into any part of your application on Web, iOS, Android, and React Native.

Link streamlines the process of connecting your users' payroll accounts in a consent-based model that facilitates instant income and employment data sharing in just a few steps.

This is what the connection process for users looks like:

Argyle Link enables you to establish a connection between your users and their work history through their payroll systems. This allows you to utilize the transmitted information to expand your data management and consumption possibilities for specific use cases.

These are the core solutions to leverage your data processes by employing the information that users share through Link:

In Argyle Link, you have the flexibility to tailor and brand user interface elements to fit your specific use case.

Using Flows in Console, you can tune everything from your company logo, to button texts, to which employers and payroll providers your users can connect. You can even set up manual verification flows, like the document upload experience, for users that are unable to connect their payroll accounts.

This is an example of the UI elements that you can customize:

You can access the Link Customizer in Console, an administrator tool that helps you visualize your data and manage your overall Argyle implementation.

Visit our Customizing Argyle Link guide to see all the customization options available and learn more about tailoring the user's experience.

Dynamic routing#

Leverage callbacks to ensure a smooth and tailored routing experience for your users. There are multiple callback functions available that allow you to adjust the flow for the user when certain events occur.

Find the full list of all available callbacks and suggested use cases in our Callbacks Reference.

Test your customization settings and your Link user flow with Flows in Console.

Flows is an integral tool of your Argyle integration and allows you to test your Link customizations manually.

Explore and define the perfect user flow that better adapts to your business needs. Use Flows to leverage a user experience for seamless account connection and direct deposit switching.

User API tokens#

Argyle Link uses JWT user tokens to transmit the data between parties on your implementation securely.

User tokens are temporary access keys that let you start Argyle Link for existing users and create a seamless returning user experience preventing duplicate account connections.

Visit our Returning Users Guide to learn how tokens work and how to use them to leverage your Argyle integration.

SDK Changelog#

Argyle periodically releases updates to the Web plugin, iOS SDK, Android SDK, and React Native SDK. These updates can include new functionalities, bug fixes, and security updates.

Track all of the changes by following our Product Changelog.

To better support users that might hit roadblocks using Argyle Link, consult the dedicated troubleshooting and error guides. These documents provide a detailed breakdown of any error a user might encounter and how to course correct it.

During account connection, some users may receive MFA or log-in notifications as Argyle connects to the user's payroll provider on their behalf to retrieve their income and employment information. The user does not need to take any action related to these notifications to make a successful connection.

For further assistance, reach out to your respective Customer Success Manager, Account Executive, or the Support team.

Consult these support resources to quickly get started with Argyle Link and start managing user employment data.

  • Link integration guides: Learn how to integrate with Argyle with Web, iOS, Android, and React Native applications.
  • Customizing Argyle Link: See the customization options that Link Customizer provides to customize your users' experience.
  • Argyle Link reference: Consult all available resources, configuration parameters, and callbacks for Argyle Link.
  • Link SDK upgrade guides: Learn how to update your version of Link to the latest version available.
  • UI Toolkit (accessible via Console): Duplicate the project, then drag and drop screens into your workspace to tailor Link to your application's flows. UI Toolkit's design templates outline common ways to introduce Argyle to your users, as well as advanced user flows designed to improve end-to-end conversion.
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